WATCH: ‘Gold Star’ Widow Issues Stunning Trump Statement, Libs Are Furious

President Donald Trump made a call to a gold star widow that has taken the country by storm due to the, what some would call, selfish behavior of a Congresswoman. In order to set the record straight, another gold star widow has come forward.

In the wake of the horrible accusation that President Trump was insensitive to a gold star widow, another gold star widow, Natasha De Alencar decided the release the video from her conversation with the President after her husband was killed in Afghanistan. CNN was forced to admit that De Alencar said President Trump was gracious. She explained that the President had looked into her husband’s military record and knew everything, including the awards that he received. 

The story that De Alencar told completely contradicts the narrative that the Left has been churning out about  President Trump as of late. They are claiming that he called a gold star widow and told her “That’s what he signed up for,” due to the claims of a Congresswoman listening to the call.

When you listen to the call played by De Alencar, it is hard to argue that the President was not compassionate. He makes it perfectly clear that he understands her loss.

“I am so sorry to hear about the whole situation. What a horrible thing, except that he’s an unbelievable hero,”  the President told De Alencar about her husband, Army Staff Sgt. Mark R. De Alencar, in the phone call.

“Thank you. I really, really appreciated it,” she said. “I really do, sir.” You could clearly hear the admiration and care in her voice.

This was an intimate phone call between the President and a gold star wife, much like the one from the other day that we have not heard. All we have at this point is the exaggerated explanation of Florida Democrat Rep. Frederica Wilson.

As the phone call between De Alencar and President Trump continued, it only got deeper. “Say hello to your children, and tell them ‘Your father was a great hero that I respected’,” Trump said with emotion. “Just tell them I said ‘Your father was a great hero.’”

Considering Donald Trump’s past phone calls, and the way that he has worked so hard to fight for the veterans, it doesn’t make sense that he would call a gold star widow and act disrespectful.

Instead of looking at the evidence, most of the media just jumped right on the emotional bandwagon.

President Trump took it a step further and explained to the widow that if there was ever a time that she was in Washington D.C., she was welcome to come by the White House. The average listener would say that this call is heartfelt, sincere, and above all, kind.

It appears that the media was just looking for another way to demonize the president by running with this story. Now that CNN has admitted that the president was kind on another call, they are going to have a difficult time running with this story.

De Alencar closed her interview with CNN by saying: “All you got is memories and having the commander in chief call you for five minutes is an important memory.”