BREAKING: Gold Star Mother Drops Obama Bombshell, This Is Nasty

While the mainstream media has latched onto the story that President Trump allegedly made a widow cry during his phone call to her, it appears that the previous president did something much worse.

A Gold Star mother said that President Barack Obama did nothing at all. He made “no effort” to call her after her son was killed in 2010, as reported by The Washington Times.

Julie Schrock lost her son Cpl. Max Donahue when he was 23 years old — he was hit by an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan. She told The New York Post that she felt disrespected when Mr. Obama sent his condolences in the form of a generic letter that didn’t’ even have his real signature on it.

Ms. Schrock, now living in Colorado, told The Post that the letter she received from the president was “signed by a computer.”

This story comes after President Trump was criticized for how he supposedly treated the Gold Star widow of an Army sergeant killed in Niger. She claimed that Mr. Trump wasn’t able to recall his husband’s name and that his comment about how “he knew what he signed up for” made her tear up.

The president responded by denying the allegations, tweeting that “Democrat Congresswoman totally fabricated what I said to the wife of a soldier who died in action (and I have proof). Sad!” He also said that the previous president didn’t even make phone calls to the families of soldiers who lost their lives.

Schrock’s account lends credibility to his statement. In a written note, she writes, “I’m a Gold Star mother and it pains me to see what is happening. The media bias is obvious to anyone willing to dig a little deeper than just believing what they hear on the news,” according to The New York Post.

She recounted how the condolence letter she received was a generic document signed by a computer. “Then, when I received multiple copies of the letter, I was told there was a computer ‘glitch’ that wasn’t fixed yet so more would probably keep coming and I should just throw them away. Not even a Sorry!”

“I anonymously reported this to our local news station, which ran it one time versus the three days of Trump mishandling of a Gold star condolence. Sad and hurtful to say the least,” she concluded.

In contrast to the mainstream media’s depiction, another Gold Star mom, Karen Vaughn, had only positive things to say about President Trump’s treatment of her son, who was shot down in a deadly helicopter crash.

“He was extremely empathetic,” she said in a Fox News interview with Sean Hannity. “I’ve not only met him once, I’ve met him twice. He sat with him as Gold Star families before the election and then he also invited our family to the White House, for a Gold Star family’s dinner and ceremony.”

Vaughn mentioned that she asked President Obama if he would be willing to welcome the bodies of the soldiers lost in the helicopter crash, but made one request. She wanted there to be “no press, no pictures” and for this to be “a solemn and very private engagement.” Although he agreed, when Mr. Obama showed up to the event, he did so with a photographer by his side — and photos of the event were released to the media the next day.

Then-President Obama didn’t respect the wishes of a Gold Star widow. Was Barack Obama’s approach insensitive?

“The White House staff had released that photograph and had dishonored our, you know, our very simple request to just let this moment be private,” she lamented. “It is definitely being politicized.”

It’s unfortunate that the president of this nation would do so little for the widows and families of lost soldiers — a stark contrast to what the mainstream media would have you believe.