Glimmer of Hope for Our Military? Army Defends Tucker Carlson, Rebukes ‘Woke’ General

Let’s get one thing out of the way: The establishment media either has no idea what the U.S. military is for, or they do but they pretend not to. (With leftists, it’s often challenging to figure out where the line between incompetence and dishonesty is drawn.)

The military exists to defend the people, territory and interests of the United States.

We can argue, I suppose, about what people it should be defending and what territory the nation should claim — and we can certainly argue, and do, about what the best interests of the United States are.

But what doesn’t make any sense to any student of military history or foreign affairs is the idea that a state’s fighting men and women exist as test subjects in social experiments. The list of nations who tried to force social ideology into their professional warrior class — think Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia, for starters — doesn’t recommend the practice.

Having said that, I should also say that Tucker Carlson was, I believe, wrong 18 months ago to call some of the changes to Pentagon policies “a mockery to the U.S. military.” He’s right about a lot of it, and, were I a pregnant woman — and, according to some leftists, I might be — I personally wouldn’t want to endanger my unborn child in a combat zone. But if Carlson has a problem with different hairstyles for women in the military, he should check out the Israeli Defense Forces, which have included females in combat positions for decades and are not to be trifled with.

Carlson was correct, of course, that for President Joe Biden to call for the U.S. Army to, as Carlson put it, “become more feminine” is ridiculous — and, given the inability of leftists to define what a woman even is, ultimately meaningless.

Having said that, it was good this week to see the establishment media attacking the U.S. military for daring even to investigate whether or not a soon-to-retire Army general “failed to display Army values and core leader competencies.” That’s a sure sign that the military did something right.

If The Washington Post and NBC News are defending a senior officer in the U.S. military, it’s a safe bet that he needs to be investigated.

NBC claimed that the Army displayed “cowardice” in its investigation of Maj. Gen. Patrick J. Donahoe, but then again, the network also claimed that he was defending female soldiers — as if Carlson had somehow attacked female soldiers, which he most certainly did not.

Carlson — rightfully so — attacked policies formed at the most senior levels of the federal government and our military that prioritize political correctness and woke ideology over preparations for war fighting, which is what the military is supposed to do.

Every second Donahoe spent on social media supporting vaccine mandates and arguing — ridiculously — that his overseeing the re-enlistment ceremony of a female soldier somehow proved Carlson wrong was a second the general commanding the Maneuver Center of Excellence at Fort Benning, Georgia, wasn’t doing his actual job of training the soldiers under his command.

The Army seems to agree — which provides at least a glimmer of hope that someone in the military is still focused on war fighting more than pleasing the social left and their lapdogs in the establishment media by proving their wokeness.

“The Army has delayed the retirement of a general who relinquished command of Fort Benning, Ga., and the Maneuver Center of Excellence in July as the service completes an investigation of his use of social media,” Stars and Stripes reported in September.

“Now, his retirement is being held up while Army leadership considers how to respond to an inspector general’s investigation that concluded that he had ‘failed to display Army values and core leader competencies,'” Max Boot wrote last week for The Post.

Good for them.

I don’t believe, and I don’t think anyone seriously believes, that Russian President Vladimir Putin is crazy enough to launch an invasion of the U.S. Neither is Chinese President Xi Jinping. But, if they did, we would want a U.S. military capable of unleashing the fiercest, most deadly hell upon anyone who dared set foot on American soil with the intent to make war on us.

Sure, the military has other uses — projecting power to keep that invasion from happening in the first place is a big one — but killing people is what the U.S. military should prioritize. They can call it something else if they want — I mean, we already call it the Department of Defense to sound less aggressive, and that’s not by happenstance. But what we need the U.S. military to focus on is learning to kill enemy combatants as effectively and efficiently as possible.

That preparation for war is probably hindered, in some cases, by the inclusion of women in certain components and roles within our armed forces. We could say the same thing about homosexuals, transsexuals and, for that matter, pedophiles and communists. We could — and we should — at least be asking the question of how suited certain groups of people are to achieving the primary goal of the military: effectively putting ammunition downrange at a high rate of speed.

The left can’t even ask those questions, because the answers might show differences between men and women, or straights and gays, or transsexuals and those who are not mentally ill.

Claiming to value diversity, the left seeks only to destroy it, chipping away at our valuable differences until everyone’s “equality” is indistinguishable from “sameness” and crushing the beauty God intentionally gave humanity when He created it “in His own image,” but also “male and female.” (Gen. 1:27)

I’m not sure that the left even realizes the ultimate end of their social engineering, but maybe they do and they just don’t admit it. With leftists, it’s often challenging to figure out where the line between incompetence and dishonesty is drawn.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.