WATCH: Newt Gingrich Rises Up, Issues Powerful Warning to Anti-Trump Media

The deaths in Charlottesville, Virginia have been a cause of great alarm to the public. In response to the growing tensions between the extreme Right and extreme Left, President Trump urged an end to the violence by “many sides,” as noted by NPR. His comments alluded both to white supremacists and left-leaning Antifa counter-protesters.

After Democrats and pundits in the mainstream media criticized the President for not directly naming the KKK and neo-Nazis, who were present at Charlottesville, the President did so in another statement. But his critics slammed him for making the comment too late. In an interview with Fox News’ Martha MacCallum, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich asserts there is an anti-Trump element that “will never, ever be satisfied as long as he’s President.”

According to Gingrich, the President spoke appropriately in his response to the events in Charlottesville, saying that the comments were not “particularly inappropriate or particularly weak.”

Gingrich, who was one of Trump’s most vocal supporters during the 2016 campaign, claims there are major ideological differences between the Left and Right in America–differences based in fundamentally opposed understandings of the country’s history and future.

Speaking on the country’s divide, he said, “I think the gap in the country right now is that deep and that real. I think the people on the Left have a radically different vision of America’s future than traditional Americans.”

The former Republican leader also argues that Trump’s detractors are more motivated by political agenda and personal vendetta than by a desire to hear the President provide firm leadership in a time of crisis.

For Gingrich, the individuals criticizing Trump over his Charlottesville comments would find a reason to attack the President no matter what remarks he made.

“But clearly there was a hunger for him to use the specific phrases about white supremacists and about the KKK and about Nazis. He came back today; he said every single thing that his critics on the Left want. So now you have crowds that are saying ‘well, he didn’t say it soon enough.'”

Gingrich suggests Trump’s biggest opponents, including the mainstream media, find fault in any statement or action the President makes. The former Speaker also used the opportunity to condemn white supremacy groups in America.

Gingrich pointed out that neo-Naziism is anti-Christian, totalitarian, and anti-Semitic, which runs contrary to the principles espoused by American conservatives. The political Right in the US is associated with limited government, Christianity, and immense support for the Jewish State of Israel. These principles are directly opposed to those of the neo-Nazi movement.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich asserts there is an anti-Trump element that “will never, ever be satisfied as long as he’s President.” Do you think the Left will ever accept Trump?

President Trump has disavowed white supremacist organizations in the past. During the 2016 election cycle, the Washington Post reported, he repeatedly disavowed ex-KKK leader David Duke at the behest of the media.

The Weekly Standard also reported that rump disavowed the alt-right after the election.

For Gingrich, it’s more important for America to look to the future. “We ought to be a country focusing on the future, not a country frothing at the mouth about the past.” The mainstream media, so far, is not allowing that to happen.