WATCH: Gingrich Spills The Beans, Exposes Horrific Plot Against Trump On Live TV

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich dropped some hard truths about the Russia investigation on “Fox and Friends.”

During his appearance, according to Fox News, Gingrich said, “When the government comes after you, no matter who you are — including the president — you have to be worried about the sheer power of the lawyers coming after you.” He also said, “If Mueller and his team of lawyers fail to find any evidence of collusion, they will look for crimes in finances and procedure.”

Gingrich stated that Americans should not blindly trust the Russia investigation because there is corruption present in the Justice Department. Recently, it was reported that Special Counsel Robert Mueller impaneled a grand jury to investigate the allegations that the Trump campaign worked with Russian intelligence to influence the result of the presidential election.

This is despite the fact that while the FBI’s investigation into the Trump-Russia “collusion” story has progressed for almost a year, they have not yet found any evidence of a collaboration between the Trump campaign and Russian operatives.

When Robert Mueller was appointed as special counsel, there were some who expressed concerns about the team he put together. Most of the members on Mueller’s team are Democrats — some of whom have donated large sums of money to Democratic candidates. This led many to believe that the investigation would be nothing more than a high-profile witch hunt.

Understandably, the president himself has characterized the investigation in such terms, and recent developments are only increasing the level of concern. It appears that Mueller is out for more than just what he was commissioned to investigation.

Case and point: the fact that Mueller has impaneled a grand jury shows that he is expanding the scope of his investigation. The probe will likely go beyond Russia’s meddling in our election. The special counsel recently announced that it would look into the president’s finances. That’s an indicator that this could be a criminal investigation. Gingrich’s statement that Mueller’s team will look for other crimes if no evidence of collusion is found seems to be accurate.

Mueller’s investigation is ramping up, and Republicans should be concerned. The Russia investigation has proceeded for over a year with no evidence of collusion. When a Special Counsel is appointed, they can investigate matters beyond their original mandate.

This is what happened to former President Bill Clinton — Kenneth Starr was initially supposed to investigate Clinton’s involvement in a land deal. Instead, he uncovered the truth about Monica Lewinsky and Clinton’s sexual misconduct.

While the media continues to push the “Russiagate” narrative, it’s becoming less likely that Mueller will find any evidence of actual collaboration between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin. It’s probable that Mueller’s team will try to find proof of some other crime or mistake that could cause trouble for the Trump administration.

Compounding the problem is that Mueller’s team is composed of Democrats, and that could spell trouble for the president. Many have urged President Trump to fire Robert Mueller — and he has considered taking this type of action.

However, there is the concern about the inevitable political blowback from removing a special counsel. For the Trump administration, there doesn’t seem to be many good options for dealing with the ongoing investigation — except to wait for the truth of their innocence to set them free.