Get Ready for 2024 – Former Clinton Adviser Noticed Suspicious Patterns in Hillary’s Latest Comments

A former political adviser to former President Bill Clinton said Sunday that Hillary Clinton is positioning herself to run for president in 2024.

Consultant, columnist and author Dick Morris made the prediction during an appearance on billionaire businessman John Catsimatidis’ “Cat’s Roundtable” show on WABC-AM in New York.

“I see more and more signs that Hillary’s going to run,” Morris said.

He said comments from the Clintons show they are trying to tap into moderates, particularly on immigration.

“Bill said yesterday there was a limit to the number of people the U.S. can absorb,” he said, referring to a Bill Clinton interview on a CNN podcast.

“And Hillary a week ago, the week before, said Americans do not believe in open borders,” Morris said.

In mid-September, according to the New York Post, speaking about Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s decision to send illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard, Hillary Clinton said, “nobody wants open borders who has any idea of how government and countries work.”

“But nobody wants inhumane, terrible treatment of human beings either,” she said. “What we should have been doing is to come together to reform change and better fund the system by which we deal with these issues.”

Morris said the comments “are all signals that she is going to be the moderate candidate for president.”

Morris also talked about the Clintons’ strategy in an interview Friday with Newsmax.

He said her comments and those of her husband “are both designed to position Hillary as a centrist, as a realist, and to capitalize on the defeat of the Democrats in the [midterm] election,” Morris said.

Morris said Clinton, who has said in the past she is not running for president, “is biding her time until the congressional elections. She and Bill know that the Republicans are going to take both houses.”

He said on Sunday that the Democratic defeat will open a door for Hillary Clinton

“She’s going to say after the election, ‘See, the left cost us the House and the Senate. If we stay with a left-wing candidate in ’24, we’re going to lose the White House and I’m the only one who will tack to the center and give us a chance at victory,’” Morris said.

Morris said Hillary Clinton will not take a direct route to the nomination.

“Hillary always advances masked. She’ll never get out there and say, ‘Vote for me, I’m a great person.’ [What] she’s saying now is, ‘Vote for me because I’ll move you back to the center and away from the left.’ You know, rescue the party, and it’s a perfect thing,” he told Newsmax.

Morris told Catsimitadis on Sunday that the playbook Hillary Clinton is operating from is an old one.

“I know that’s her strategy because it’s the strategy I designed for Bill Clinton in 1992 to get the nomination that year,” he said.

“Hillary is just dusting off Bill‘s playbook that I wrote for him and applying it herself this year,” he said.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.