George Santos Makes Major Drag Queen Confession After Piers Morgan Presses Him on His Past

An embattled freshman congressman admitted that he lied about his resume and background during his campaign for the House of Representatives.

Republican Rep. George Santos did reject one allegation leveled by his critics — that he’s an experienced drag queen performer.

However, he admitted that he “dressed up in drag” a single time.

“I was never a career drag queen. … Once, I dressed up in drag. I paid somebody,” Santos said of his history in a Tuesday Fox Nation interview with Piers Morgan.

Morgan was skeptical that Santos’ drag queen career was a one-hit wonder.

“I don’t care if you dress up in drag,” the host responded.


“Here’s my question for you. It’s unlikely you did that only once, if I may be so bold. It’s just that only once, we got photographic evidence, right?”

Individuals familiar with Santos when he lived in Brazil have described the New York congressman as having competed in drag show contests 15 years ago, according to Reuters.

Santos accused the media of falsely portraying him as a serial drag queen, although he admitted that he had been a “terrible liar” in regards to his own personal history and that he had “made mistakes.”

The embattled Republican misrepresented his employment history, personal background and even his own ethnicity during his 2022 campaign.

Backlash over Santos’ dishonesty has led to his removal from committee assignments.

Republican organizations in Santos’ Long Island district have pulled their support for the politician, according to Newsday.

Santos has rebuffed calls for his resignation from Congress.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.