BREAKING: George Clooney’s Surprising Move Stuns Media. TRUMP VINDICATED.

Celebrities and Hollywood personalities have not been reserved in their near unanimous criticism of our current president. These people, who are living in sheltered estates, are divorced from the realities that the average American has to face concerning immigration.

However, it seems that the consequences of open borders have come to back to haunt them. George Clooney, a vocal open-borders activist, has recently reported that he and his family are leaving Europe and moving back to the states, citing concerns for their security. (via Breitbart)

An anonymous insider said that “as soon as Amal found out she was pregnant, he hired former Secret Service agents to assess all his properties and make recommendations for improvement. His mansion in Studio City (Calif.) was deemed most secure.”

This is an unsurprising conclusion, considering some of the recent bombings in Manchester and the London Bridge. The bombing in Manchester was at an Ariana Grande concert, and 22 young children were killed.

A new report has been released showing that willfully ignoring the problems of open borders only compromises the security of a nation. The report shows there are at least 23,000 Jihadi terrorists operating in Britain, an eight-fold increase from what the initial expected number was. (via Breitbart)

Anthony Glee, director of the Centre for Security and Intelligence Studies, remarked, “To have 23,000 potential killers in our midst is horrifying. We should double the size of MI5, as we did in World War Two, and expand the number of intelligence-led police by thousands.”

He continued, “Every single person who we have intelligence upon, who is known to be involved in terrorism, who is not a UK citizen, and who we cannot prosecute in the courts, we get rid of out this country. We deport them; we send them back to where they came from,” he said. “We do not allow them to roam free on our streets and murder, and maim, and disfigure our children in the way they did in Manchester recently.”

“We can’t go on as if this wasn’t happening.”

These comments seem very much in line with what Donald Trump has been saying all along, which is why Trump has the support of most average Americans. Wealthy open-borders activists such as George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, J.K. Rowling and others live in secure compounds where they are not exposed to the consequences that their ideas bring for the common person.

When you are unable to live in a gated neighborhood with security guards at your beck and call, the prospect of having thousands of murderers and criminals should send shivers down your spine.

Clooney has been a known critic of Trump, calling him a “xenophobic fascist” and an “opportunist” and has labeled his policies concerning immigration as “idiotic” and “intolerant.” (via Breitbart)

Clooney’s hypocrisy seems to be lost on him. Despite being an advocate for open borders, he is known to go to great lengths to make sure no one trespasses or comes near his properties. He once had the mayor of Lake Como in Italy impose a $600 fine for anyone found trespassing near his luxurious estate.

Should Clooney ever have to endure being an average citizen with a middle-class income and be unable to afford secure compounds or anything more than a hand gun, he might change his tune.