WATCH: Gene Autry Eerily Predicted Everything Trump Is Saying In 1942

One particular Gene Autry song from the 1942 movie The Bells of Capistrano displays remarkable foresight — with with a message that is even more relevant today than it was when he wrote it.

In his song Don’t Bite The Hand That’s Feeding You, Gene goes on to eerily predict today’s situation concerning unchecked immigration that President Trump has been talking about all along.

He sings: “Last night a wonderful dream came to me, I saw Uncle Sammy weeping, for his children from over the sea, they had come to him friendless and starving, and he took them into the fold …”

He continues with a line that would make most progressives shudder and conservatives applaud, “If you don’t like your Uncle Sammy, then go back to your home over the sea, to the land where you came, whatever be its name, but don’t be ungrateful to me.

“If you don’t like the stars and old glory, if you don’t like the red, white and blue, then don’t act like the cur in the story, don’t bite the hand that’s feeding you.”

Many liberals and progressives believe all immigrants are entitled to live in the United States — that it’s a right and that this country should not screen travelers or restrict immigration in any way. As a result, we are seeing more and more people complaining about this country, instead of simply being grateful to live in it.

Ironically, this attitude is especially prevalent among celebrities in the entertainment industry, many of whom are former immigrants themselves. Yet, after becoming successful and prosperous in this country, they end up trying to undermine the foundation of legal immigration — even though they benefited from it greatly.

In today’s cultural climate, this song, its message, and the messenger would be heavily criticized and ostracized by the mainstream media and Hollywood of today. One only has to turn to the story of Jim Caviezel, and how Hollywood blacklisted him for his portrayal of Jesus Christ in the 2004 film The Pasion of the Christ. (via The Blaze)

In fact, it is guaranteed that you’ll never see such a conservative message in today’s media. Ben Shapiro, in his book Primetime Propaganda, documents how Hollywood insiders routinely discriminate against conservatives. He interviewed many top writers, executives, and producers in Hollywood while undercover, and caught on tape admissions that discrimination against conservatives is not only common, but celebrated.

Gene Autry would be heavily criticized if he tried to sing the same song today, were he still alive.

But the political and cultural climate was different back in 1942, and Gene Autry’s common-sense message wouldn’t end up costing him his career at the time.

We shouldn’t be afraid to look to those in our past for wisdom to help illuminate our current situation. Gene Autry gives us a message for America in this song that, although written three quarters of a century ago, is still as relevant today as it is sensible. We are a peaceful, giving, and inviting country, but “don’t bite the hand that’s feeding you”.