MUST WATCH: George W. Bush DESTROYS Matt Lauer for Attacking Trump

Liberal bias has pervaded the mainstream media so thoroughly that it will never recover. Trust in the media is at an all-time low, and ABC‘s Matt Lauer just doesn’t understand.

Former President George W. Bush made headlines earlier this year when he destroyed Today Show host Matt Lauer on live television. George W. Bush was asked how the media is different now compared to when he was inaugurated in 2011. “When I was president, you mattered a lot more,” he said without skipping a beat.

You can see the blood drain from Lauer’s face, as the veteran news anchor was forced to come to terms with the abysmal state of his industry.

Former President Bush also took time during the interview to defend President Trump from the media’s unfair attacks. Early on in the interview, Lauer asked the ex-president if Donald Trump was responsible for the high levels of division in modern American politics.

“First of all, there’s only been one month in office,” former President Bush said in the February interview. “Secondly, I think you have to take the man for his word, that he wants to unify the country, and we will see if he is able to do so.”

He further stated, “It’s hard to unify the country though, with the news media being so split up. When I was president, you mattered a lot more…and now there’s all kinds of information being bombarded out and people can say things anonymously and it’s just a different world.”

Bush also referred to his talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin regarding the media and said, “It’s kind of hard to tell others to have an independent free press when we’re not willing to have one ourselves.”

Former President Bush probably understands what President Trump is going through more than any other person in America. George W. Bush was hounded by the mainstream media for the entirety of his eight years in office. Insults against his intelligence were the norm.

Jon Stewart became the host of Comedy Central‘s The Daily Show in 1999, just in time to provide coverage of the 2000 presidential election. Before Jon Stewart, The Daily Show was more a general interest comedy news show without the rabid political spin.

However, after Stewart took over, the now far-left show became a major ratings draw and spawned numerous copy-cat political comedy shows such as The Colbert Report, and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. This new style of political comedy show attempted to fuse emotion with policy and has contributed to the hostile political environment we currently “enjoy.”

Regarding the media, George W. Bush said, “When I was president, you mattered a lot more.” Does the mainstream media still matter?

In a 2009 interview with Variety, Stewart admitted that his show found its footing in opposition to former President George W. Bush. “The 2000 recount was where we suddenly began to feel like we were connecting with everything we could do. That’s when I think we tapped into the emotional angle of the news for us and found our editorial footing.”

In fact, many people were worried that The Daily Show would cease to exist after former President Barack Obama was elected in 2008. “People ask, ‘How will you do the show without George Bush?’” Stewart said. “Yeah, how will we do the show with a sense of joy in our hearts? How will we go to work every day feeling like things might get better?”

Jon Stewart’s extreme sense of smugness and moral superiority over Republican politicians became the norm and right-leaning Americans were widely chastised as rednecks and imbeciles, creating a massive gulf between “cosmopolitans” and conservatives, the trend which continues today.