Gag Order Issued in Idaho Murder Case – The Media Won’t Be Happy About This

An Idaho judge has issued an order clamping down on law enforcement’s discussion of the case against accused murderer Bryan Kohberger.

Magistrate Judge Megan E. Marshall issued an order barring law enforcement and agents of prosecutors from speaking publicly about the case, which quickly became a topic of national media scrutiny after Kohberger’s arrest.

Marshall issued her order on Tuesday — applying the same sanction to agents of Kohberger’s future defense attorneys.

It’s not clear what spurred Marshall to impose the gag order, though the intensity of media coverage of the case could’ve been the catalyst.

Authorities have disclosed some information on the investigation to the media.

The Moscow, Idaho, police indicated they “will no longer be communicating with the public or the media regarding this case” after Marshall’s order.


The ruling won’t prevent some information regarding the case from reaching the public domain. Legal observers don’t expect Marshall’s gag order to prevent the release of the criminal complaint against Kohberger once he’s extradited.

Kohberger waived his right to extradition in a Tuesday hearing in Pennsylvania, according to CNN.

It’s expected that he’ll be served with the sealed criminal complaint in the case upon his extradition to Idaho.

The document could contain pressing new information on the case.

The Washington State University criminology Ph.D student is charged with a quadruple homicide, which took place at the home of three of the victims in November.

Kohberger maintains his innocence and claims court proceedings will result in his exoneration.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.