ALERT: President of France Issues Sick Threat to Trump

The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, has received lukewarm reception from the people outside of France, despite his refugee policies. He recently spoke with CNN and is now attempting to strong-arm President Trump.

Macron’s interview with CNN took place before and after President Trump’s first speech at the United Nations. One of Macron’s main points involved Trump’s displeasure with the Iran Nuclear Deal put in place in 2015 by former President Obama. During the interview, Macron attempted to paint Trump as a villain who could cause Iran to act like North Korea if he breaks the deal. He called it “a big mistake.”

The Iran Deal lifts many restrictive sanctions off of Iran if they promise to cut down on their nuclear program and leave well enough alone. The truth is though, Iran has violated the nuclear deal on a number of occasions.

According to Huffington Post, Iran has gone against the nuclear deal and UN resolutions for the third time. It would appear that aside from Macron’s virtue signaling, he failed to acknowledge this point.

In fact, right after the nuclear deal was signed, Iran launched missiles — over the course of two months — that are capable of carrying multiple warheads. This was already a breach of the deal during the same year that it was signed.

Since that time, they have launched missiles again this March. Their distance has grown from 500 kilometers to over 2000. This alone should be cause for concern and a good reason to pull away from this deal.

Macron on the other hand, completely ignored the facts and stated, “Why? Because we stopped everything with North Korea years and years ago. We stopped any monitoring, any discussions with them, and what’s the result? They will probably get a nuclear weapon. I don’t want to replicate that situation with Iran.”

Macron warned that the deal is necessary and should remain in place, and that peaceful words — not military action — is the solution. But appeasement has never worked out in the past, and it isn’t likely to start working with North Korea or Iran.

The issue with what Macron has to say is he is disregarding the fact that Iran is already working on building better missiles, and more than likely, nuclear weapons. He continued to disregard the dangers presented and criticized Trump for wanting to leave the deal.

Macron suggests that if we pull out of the deal, Iran will become like North Korea, frustrated and bent on destroying whoever stands in their way. This is just a way to virtue signal as if to say: the poor Iranians need us to stick around.

French President Macron attempted to paint Trump as a villain. Should Americans care what France thinks?

“I don’t think this Iran deal, this nuclear deal with Iran, is (the be-all and end-all) of everything to do with Iran. If President Trump considers it is not sufficient, I do agree with that. (But) we have this deal,” Macron stated during the interview.

Of course, it is understandable to want to keep the peace. But the issue here is it is hard to keep the peace with people who are completely disregarding a deal that they have with other countries.

As mainstream media does, they portrayed Macron as the voice of reason. The simple truth is there is more to this story than they initially presented. Never once in the interview is it mentioned that Iran has broken the treaty multiple times and shown complete disregard for the people who are helping them. As Macron expresses such strong feelings in favor of the deal with Iran, it’s unknown what measures he might take to keep the deal in place.