WATCH: Fox News ‘Superstar’ Announces Retirement

Since its launch in 1996, Fox News Channel has been a major media force. As a conservative-oriented outlet, Fox News has often offered a contrasting perspective to the majority of news stations, which tend to lean Left. Now, one of the station’s most prominent personalities is retiring, to the sorrow of FNC fans.

In a heartfelt message on Fox News, Brett Baier announced the retirement of “Campaign” Carl Cameron, a correspondent who has been with the outlet since its inception and who earned his nickname by covering every presidential election since 1996.

Cameron was hired by Fox News at the end of in 1995, and made a name for himself with on-the-scene coverage as a correspondent during the 1996 presidential election between incumbent Bill Clinton (D-AR), and Bob Dole (R-KS).

As the New York Times notes, the “Campaign Carl” nickname was created by Fox News host Shepard Smith and has been adopted by all the anchors who introduce Cameron on the air during campaign season.

Baier, who considers Cameron a friend, penned a tribute to him on Facebook, crediting the correspondent’s 22 years of work with helping make Fox News the media giant it has become. Baier wrote:

“Fox News Channel’s chief political correspondent Carl Cameron is retiring. Cameron joined FNC in 1996 as a correspondent and has been at the helm of breaking political news for the network ever since.

“Cameron has played a major role in the network’s coverage of every presidential election since Fox News went on air in 1996, which is how he earned the nickname, ‘Campaign Carl.’ Among many achievements, he was the first to report that Ralph Nader was entering the presidential race as an Independent in 2004.”

Prior to working for Fox News, Cameron started out doing live election coverage for WZID/WFEA in Manchester, New Hampshire, as reported by New Hampshire Association of Broadcasters.

During his time with WZID/WFEA, Cameron was twice honored as a top story contributor of the year by the NH Associated Press Broadcasters Association. Later, he became a general assignment reporter and political director at WMUR-TV. He hosted his own show, Inside NH Politics, on Channel 9’s C-MUR between 1994 and 1995.

Cameron’s brief stint as a host won him praise, including from the Washington Post. His work brought him the attention of decision-makers at the newly-made Fox News, which proceeded to hire him in November, 1995. Cameron’s first assignment was covering the 1996 New Hampshire primary, which was won by Bob Dole on the Republican side.

As Axios notes, other important stories covered by Cameron include the Bill Clinton impeachment and Hurricane Katrina. Cameron’s wife, Moira, is a Fox News audio-visual technician who joins him when he is on the road.

Both Fox News staff and fans expressed their sorrow at Cameron’s departure. Because he has been with the station nearly from the beginning, “Campaign Carl” is seen by many as synonymous with Fox News.

Baier sent Cameron off with the words: “Carl, you will be missed by all of us here at Fox News. Your tireless work on the trail helped us become the Fox News we are today. It is hard to imagine a future campaign without ‘Campaign’ Carl. You are one of a kind– good luck to you.”