JUST IN: Fox News SUSPENDS Conservative Host, This is Urgent

Fox News has been leaking talent lately due to politically-motivated dismissals. First was Bill O’Reilly, and now the target seems to be on another star.

Charles Payne, an analyst for the Fox Business Network (FBN), has been suspended due to a row over an extramarital affair. According to a story first published by the National Inquirer, Payne has admitted to a romantic relationship with a married analyst on FBN. (via BBC)

However, despite this admission, Payne denies that his suspension is fair.

In particular, Payne denies that the analyst in question lost her job at Fox due to terminating her affair with Payne.

The analyst in question, Scottie Nell Hughes, alleges that Payne “coerced” her into a sexual relationship.

However, certain conservative websites have gotten their hands on explicit emails (CONTENT WARNING) that seem to show that Hughes entered the relationship willingly. These same websites allege that Hughes has a history of extramarital affairs with well-connected conservative men.

On a broader level, the current earthquakes at Fox are part of a broader attempt to dismantle America’s most popular news network. Such machinations are not new.

Although Glenn Beck now maintains that he left Fox because they wanted him to stop talking about God, all evidence points to a coordinated smear campaign by the left-wing media group Mediate.

Bill O’Reilly became the latest scalp to be taken by the left when Fox let him go after numerous allegations of sexual harassment. O’Reilly maintains his innocence to this day, and furthermore contends that the very liberal Murdoch brothers forced him out for political reasons.

So far, Payne has admitted to the affair, but denies Hughes’ allegations of sexual coercion. It is interesting to note that almost all of Fox’s scandals involve sexual indiscretions of some kind. This either means that the news channel has a sick interior culture or that the company’s enemies have found a very successful means of attack.

Payne’s fate seems to hang in the balance at the moment. As a conservative voice, his work at Fox Business has proven invaluable. If he is permanently let go, then Fox’s enemies will continue to agitate for more firings. They will likely never stop until the channel becomes just as liberal as CNN or MNSBC.

Those who commit wrongdoings need to be held accountable, and we should never excuse immorality. However, we must continue to support conservative voices in the media. Without them, we will lack any support whatsoever in the mainstream. The left would love nothing more than for this to happen, since it would accomplish one of their goals: total domination of the media.

Once the media is entirely controlled by the left, it will become even more difficult for conservatives to have a relevant voice in the culture at large — and that’s the whole point. With conservative ideas suppressed, they will fall out of the public conversation and be treated as taboo when they do come up. This is not the America that we want to leave for our children and grandchildren.