HORRIFYING: Brutal Foreign Army Hiding in America, Look Who It Is

Building a wall on the US southern border would not only block illegal immigration, but it would also prevent major national security threats from walking into our country.

According to government documents exclusively leaked to Breitbart Texas, a small army of heavily equipped Mexican drug cartel smugglers has crossed the American-Mexican border into Arizona ready to wage war.

Leaked images from government security cameras reveal members of Mexican drug cartels, with military-style equipment, pouring into America along the Tucson sector of the Huachuca Mountains.

Rudolfo Karisch, the Border Patrol chief of the Tucson sector, explained that the leaked images, “appear to be authentic of criminal organizations coming across the border. This is not unique to Arizona, we have seen this in other parts of the country as well all along the Southwest border. Any time you have illicit commodities crossing the border, you will have criminals trying to protect those commodities — both from law enforcement and from other bad guys.”

“We acknowledge that these criminal organizations pose a threat to both US and international security,” Chief Karisch continued. “Border security work is dangerous. We deal with transnational criminals, gang members, and other threats. They are trying to get their product through without encountering the public.”

The region depicted in the images is controlled by Los Salazar, an international cartel with connections to the Sinaloa Federation. The Sinaloa Federation came to dominate that illegal drug trade under notorious crime lord Joaquin “El Chappo” Guzman. Guzman gained control of the cartel after Héctor Luis Palma Salazar’s arrest in 1995.

However, the Los Salazar faction of the Sinaloa Federation is at war with other members of the Federation–and their violent conflict is spilling over the US border.

As noted by Chief Karisch, these drug smugglers travel with their products into the United States to protect the drug shipment. Other drug cartels from the Sinaloa Federation follow Los Salazar across the border and attempt to steal their shipment on American soil. These raiders form “rip crews” that attempt to steal from other drug cartels.

American gangs also war with drug cartels and attempt to steal the shipments they have smuggled into the United States. American prison gangs and other related criminal organizations stalk the US-Mexican border in search of rival gangs, hoping for an easy target.

As fighting spills into the American side of the border, many are concerned about their security. But, Chief Karisch explained that border agents are doing everything they can to keep Americans safe.

“The border is a dangerous place, but we train and equip our agents to respond and patrol these areas,” he said. “We are out there to protect Americans who want to utilize these lands. We have mountain units and air mobile units that deploy on a regular basis. I want to assure the American public we are out there to protect them.”

Border Patrol agents are doing their best to maintain security, but they are constricted to being responsive to crime instead of being proactive. Building a wall on the southern border would allow the Border Patrol to be more proactive–stopping these gangs before they ever touch American soil.