‘Flaming Basketball’ Filmed Flying Through the Sky – Seconds Later Man’s House Explodes

The home of a northern California man may have been the ultimate landing point of a meteor that locals described seeing streak through the night sky on Nov. 4.

Penn Valley Fire Department Captain Josh Miller indicated that witnesses observed a “flaming ball falling from the sky” in Nevada County that Friday night, according to KCRA-TV.

Those who witnessed the object saw it land in the “general area” of Dustin Procita’s home, according to Miller. Procita’s house caught fire that same evening.

“Everyone I talked to said it was a flaming ball falling from the sky and landed in that general area,” Miller said.

Home surveillance camera footage reveals a shining object descending to and striking the Earth.

In a remarkable twist, Procita describes being inside his house when the suspected meteor strike occurred.

“I heard a big bang,” Procita told KCRA. “I started to smell smoke. I went onto my porch, and it was completely engulfed in flames.”

It took four hours for firefighters to extinguish a blaze that quickly grew out of control.

Procita described the flying object as a “flaming basketball” when he saw a video of the strike, according to NBC News.

The home was ultimately destroyed as a result of the fire, and one of Procita’s dogs died in a blaze that consumed the structure.

The experience has soured Procita’s view of meteor showers.

“I always watched meteor showers as a kid, but I didn’t want them landing in my yard or through my roof,” he said.

“They said it’s a one in four trillion chance, so I guess I might be buying a lottery ticket today.”

It’ll take two weeks to officially determine the cause of the fire, according to Miller.

A relative of Procita has set up a GoFundMe account for the unlucky victim of the freak accident, describing the fire as devastating to a family that wasn’t insured against a house fire.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.