WATCH: Florida Deputy Makes Epic Patriotic Move In Viral Video Clip

Disasters tend to bring out the best in humanity. While some people have used Hurricane Irma to advance their political talking points, many more are acting bravely to help their fellow citizens and communities.

As Fox News reports, a Florida sheriff’s deputy put his life on the line to save an American flag that was being battered by Irma’s fierce winds. Observers on social media lauded the immense respect for the banner, particularly in light of recently publicized acts of rebellion against patriotic emblems.

A video of the act of courage was posted on Facebook by Martin County Sheriff’s Office. As you can see in the recording, Watch Commander Lt. Danny Cunningham walked out of his patrol vehicle in the middle of the storm to rescue a lone flag.

Powerful winds would likely have ripped the banner from the pole. Cunningham unhooked it, and brought it back into his car with him for safekeeping. The deputy reportedly said, “I couldn’t watch it get blown apart.”

Cunningham’s action won glowing praise from viewers. One user wrote “That’s a real man that loves his country. Nicely done.” Another said, “Thank you for enacting our heartfelt desires, and love of our ole glory. So grateful to you. You are a True American you made many of us Proud.”

The viral video brings to mind a similar flag rescue performed by a Texas policeman during Hurricane Harvey. Officer Jack McCarty confronted strong winds and rain to salvage an American flag before it was torn down.

A photo of the act was posted to Facebook by Arkansas Pass Police Department. The caption read “While some dishonor and desecrate her, APPD Ofc. Jack McCarty will stop at nothing to honor and save her.”

Hurricane Irma’s impact has been devastating. As covered by Christian News Alerts, the storm has left at least six dead in Florida, and 37 dead in the Caribbean, with more injuries and deaths surfacing as new information becomes available.

President Trump on Sunday signed a disaster declaration that approved federal funds for several affected Florida counties. He has indicated that he will soon visit Florida to oversee relief efforts. The President has also maintained a proactive stance on Harvey relief, visiting Texas twice, and signing a $15 billion Hurricane relief bill — against the wishes of GOP Congressional leadership.

According to the Washington Post, 6 million Floridians found themselves without power due to the storm. Another 6.5 million Floridians were under mandatory evacuation notice. Many stayed in shelters while others left the state. Fortunately, Florida did not see the kind of flooding that made Harvey so devastating in Texas.

The bravery of police officers willing to risk their lives for the sake of their nation’s flag is in stark contrast to the recent actions of NFL players like Colin Kaepernick and Michael Bennett, who protest America by kneeling or sitting during the national anthem.

The Alt-Left group Antifa is also known for burning the American flag, as seen on YouTube. The praise for officers Cunningham and McCarty indicates that mainstream America is still very much in favor of honoring America’s emblems.