Florida Cop Naps After Nonstop Rescues, Viewers Shocked When They See What’s Inches Away

Hurricane Irma has been ravaging central Florida ever since it moved inland, and many Floridians are in need of aid.

The Fort Lauderdale Police Department has been working nonstop to help those in need, according to the Daily Mail. The Police Department shared a heartwarming twitter post showing one of their officers holding a K-9 police dog’s paw while they both naped, with the caption “#WeAreInThisTogether”.

Though Hurricane Irma has been downgraded to a category 1 storm, flooding and powerful winds are wreaking havoc upon the Sunshine State. The storm has killed at least 28 people. At the height of its ferocity, Hurricane Irma was a powerful category 5 storm.

As the hurricane barreled down on Florida, it caused one of the largest evacuations in US history, as nearly 6.5 million people fled the approaching nightmare. The hurricane has since ripped homes apart, tore power lines down, and caused extensive flooding.

Police Departments and other rescue workers have been working around the clock to rescue those in need and provide aid wherever they can. Their support and effort have saved many people’s lives.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s office demonstrated the long hours their officers worked by posting a photo on Facebook of a police cruiser stuffed with bedding supplies with a caption that read, “When you leave for work and you don’t have any idea when you will be back home. You are prepared that your police car is now your bed. You have enough food and clothes to be self-sustained for 72 hours. JSO is ready for Hurricane Irma. We are here for you!”

Sarasota Police Department shared a photo of a woman on oxygen with a powered chair, saying she was taken to a shelter by officers after being stranded. It was captioned, “This morning our Officers located a woman who was stranded along Main Street in downtown City of Sarasota. We’re making sure she’s safe. We’ve taken her, along with her belongings, to a shelter nearby so she’s safe from Hurricane Irma.”

The Caribbeans have also been receiving an incredible outpouring of help after they were hit by the worst of Hurricane Irma, according to Time. French, British, and Dutch military aide workers were the first to respond after Hurricane Irma passed the island nations and started bearing down on Florida.

Josue Alusma, mayor of Port De Paix in the Dominican Republic, says their cities aren’t prepared to assist with the damage. “We are vulnerable. We don’t have any equipment to help the population,” he said.

Mark Rutte, Dutch Prime Minister, said the islands are a scene of chaos, stating, “There is no power, no gasoline, no running water. Houses are underwater, cars are floating through the streets, inhabitants are sitting in the dark in ruined houses and are cut off from the outside world.”

While Hurricane Irma has caused much devastation, it has also shown us that, like Hurricane Harvey, people can come together to show the best of humanity.

These officers in Florida and the militaries of foreign nations shows us that there are men and women in this world who are willing to put in the long hours and sleepless nights to ensure the safety of others.

Thank goodness for these wonderful men and women in blue domestically and those abroad who work tirelessly to assist those in need.