BREAKING: Fired Google Employee Gets Job Offer From Famous “Truth-Teller”

Recently, a Google software developer was terminated from his position because of a memo he wrote titled, Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber. It seems that the old adage, “When a door closes, a window opens,” is eerily accurate.

James Damore, the former Google employee, just got an interesting job offer. The one and only founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, is now offering Damore a job, according to The Daily Wire. Assange, a hacker and intelligence leaker most notorious for providing the public with the emails from the DNC, would be more than happy to have Damore on board with his organization.

Assange came out fiercely for Damore soon after his termination from Google. The WikiLeaks founder’s first tweet about the subject reads, “Identity politics 2.0 wars come to Google. Oh no. But mass spying is fine since its equal opportunity predation.”

He followed up this tweet with another that contained the job offer. The second message says that: “Censorship is for losers. @WikiLeaks is offering a job to fired Google engineer James Damore.” This essentially constitutes Damore’s first job offer since his unjust firing.

The former Google employee has not yet stated whether or not he would accept the job offer with WikiLeaks. However, since that time, he has received job offers at numerous other places including writing for Ben Shapiro and The Daily Wire.

Damore’s story is alarming. He had submitted a formal complaint to the National Labor Relations Board before his termination by Google. Damore stated that they were trying to shame him into shutting up about his views on the company.

He mentioned that Google’s retaliation against the charges was “illegal.” An email was sent out with the subject line “Our Words Matter” from Google’s CEO Pundar Pichai. In the email, Pichai said that, essentially, Damore got fired for hurting women’s feelings.

In an ironic twist, the email reads, “Our co-workers shouldn’t have to worry that each time they open their mouths to speak in a meeting, they have to prove that they are not like the memo states.”

At the same time, Damore had to worry about what happened when he opened up his mouth to speak, or rather, typed his opinion, based on scientific facts, in a memo. It seems to be another example of the liberal double-standard.

It is hard to say whether or not Damore would consider taking a position with The Daily Wire, WikiLeaks, or any other job offers he has likely received since the time of his firing. Assange made the right call by inviting Damore to work with him, simply because of his commitment to truth.

Damore recently interviewed with The New York Times, and he indicated that he would likely seek legal action against Google. Perhaps the best part of the potential lawsuit is that he has firm ground to stand on.

While California is an “at will” state, on that same token, you cannot be fired for “whistle blowing,” something Assange–and now Damore–have in common. It is going to be interesting to see, moving forward, if these two truth tellers have a future in business together.