WATCH: Female Executive Speaks Out About Working For Trump Family

The events in Charlottesville, Virginia, where one woman died, were without a doubt a tragic moment in our country. Sadly, it also gave Democrats the ammunition they needed to continue attacking President Trump as a racist — even if their argument was lacking any fact.

There have been people defending President Trump well before the events in Charlottesville, and one such person is an executive for Trump’s business, Lynne Patton. “The Trump family that I know is, without question, one of the most generous, compassionate and philanthropic families I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing and the honor to call them friends,” Patton explains in the video which has received 5 million views to date. 

Patton explains, “I can no longer remain silent about the repeated and reprehensible attempts to align my boss and his family with racist hate-mongering groups, campaigns, and messaging.” Patton was working as the director of the Eric Trump Foundation, and assistant to Eric and Donald Trump, Jr., as well as Ivanka Trump.

Since her time working with the children of President Trump, she ended up being offered and taking positions at the Department of Housing & Urban Development in both New York and New Jersey, according to the New York Times.

Despite her promotion, her thoughts remain the same. “They have been incredibly loyal to me, and to the countless dedicated people they employ around the world — hiring more minority and female executives than any other company for which I’ve ever worked,” Patton said.

It is obvious that where the Left is concerned, there is no winning if you are in Patton’s shoes. She went on to point out in a later interview that if this had been under another administration, she would have been praised because she managed to move through the ranks as a minority woman.

However, because she worked under President Trump, the Left infers that there must be some secret motive that no one else is aware of but Patton and the Trump family. There is nothing she can do to shake the false imagery that liberals associate with people who know the Trumps, regardless of their background.

The Left is simply unable to accept that someone could have years of experience with the same employer and eventually move up in the company, or in this case, move on to a brand new and prestigious job entirely. Her frustration has shown through in multiple interviews since Trump initially hit the campaign trail.

Patton explains, “The misdirected discontent with my boss has prevented people from seeing the obvious fact that I am, more than anyone, best suited to serve as this liaison because, after all, I have a direct line to both the secretary and the president of the United States.”

The gist is that if something can be done to improve areas under her purview, she could easily contact President Trump and work on getting those issues resolved. Liberals, who should be cheering at this statement, are instead sneering.

In the past, she was ominously called “The Wedding Scammer,” but she also cleared the air there as well. Patton stated that she never helped plan Eric Trump’s wedding, but instead helped her friend Lara pick out a dress and worked on the guest list with her. If anything, it sounds like she was doing what best friends do, not hatching a diabolical plot to throw the best wedding ever.

Patton, like many others close to Trump, is going to receive backlash regardless of what she does. If she stays, she is working in the Trump administration on something evil; if she leaves, she must have known about something evil and wanted no part in it. There is no winning, but Patton will likely continue helping people to the best of her abilities, just like most people who work or have worked with the Trump family.