WATCH: Fed-Up Cop Puts Chicago Mayor On Full Blast – Exposes His Evil Plot

Although the White House is working hard to do what’s in the best interest of our country, there are still many politicians at the federal, state, and municipal levels that are more interested in their own personal agendas than helping their constituents.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel brought a lawsuit against the Trump administration over its threat to withhold funding from sanctuary cities. In response, Sheriff Thomas Hodgson called out Emanuel for putting politics above the safety of American citizens. “This is a mayor who’s overseeing a city that’s basically a war zone now with crime…it’s about politics,” Hodgson said, as reported by Fox News.

Hodgson, Sheriff of Bristol County, Massachusetts, appeared on Fox News to be candid about the ridiculousness of the Chicago mayor’s actions. When asked what he felt was motivating Emanual, he said, “It has to be politics, it’s certainly not the safety of the people in Chicago.”

“To think that he would be pushing back against President Trump and Attorney General Sessions’ efforts to try to keep the people in his own community safe is unbelievable, it’s outrageous…it’s political,” he added.

Officers and citizens are put at risk when local authorities release criminal undocumented immigrants from custody without coordinating with the federal government. What good is it to the residents of Chicago to refuse help from other agencies? Chicago has one of the largest epidemics of gun crime in the country, with over 1700 shootings this year.

Despite this, the mayor’s first concern isn’t the safety of his constituents, but of playing politics with a federal government that is earnestly trying to reduce the crime in his city–something that he should be enthusiastic about.

“It’s very, very difficult to understand how anyone would not want law enforcement agencies working in collaboration,” Hodgson said.

He described how the mayor isn’t even interested in some degree of immigration reform, and that the topic is simply too political to bring up. Hodgson explained that supporting any of that would require a genuine effort on Emanuel’s part.

“He’s only trying to keep us safe,” said Hodgson about Trump’s policy to limit immigration, “but unfortunately for 20 years, Congress has failed to act, the president has stepped in and said ‘Enough! Enough!’ and he’s standing up for the people of this country, and God bless him and the Attorney General for doing it.”

There is a difference between immigration and undocumented criminal immigration–a distinction that often seems lost on those who oppose Trump’s policies. The point is to know who we are letting into our country, instead of just indiscriminately letting everyone in, regardless of their history, skills, character, and criminal record.

Hodgson testified before Congress a few months ago, where he made an argument that mayors who support “sanctuary cities,” and mayors who conceal undocumented immigrants from ICE, are in direct violation of the US Code. This, according to the sheriff, is reason enough to issue federal arrest warrants on those elected officials, as reported by The Daily Mail.

Whether or not Trump will heed Hodgson’s recommendation is yet to be seen. In the meantime, his administration will have to deal with these elected officials who try to stand in Trump’s way of making this country safe.