BREAKING: FBI Issues Shock Trump Message, Media Stunned

The FBI and the Justice Department have had more than a year to investigate the allegations of collusion between President Trump and Russia and the corruption made infamous in the Trump dossier.

According to The Washington Examiner, officials from both agencies have made stunning statements regarding the dossier. Both the FBI and Justice Department have stated they cannot verify or corroborate any of the claims of collusion made in the dossier.

The dossier was financed by Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and put together by former British spy Christopher Steele. Allegedly, the dossier contained evidence that President Trump and his campaign team had collaborated with Russia to win the election.

In addition to the allegations of collusion were a number of claims that Mr. Trump had participated in various vile acts and “sex parties” while in Russia.

Many, if not all, of the allegations within the 35-page dossier cited anonymous sources within Russia. One claimed that President Trump’s aide, Michael Cohen, met with Russian lawyers to cover up Paul Manafort’s work in the Ukraine. The alleged meeting has since been debunked. It cited a “Kremlin insider” as its source.

On August 24, 2017, the US House Intelligence Committee issued a subpoena to the FBI and Justice Department to determine how many, if any, of the allegations within the dossier, have been confirmed after more than a year’s worth of investigation.

The committee specifically requested, “any documents, if they exist, that memorialize DOJ and/or FBI efforts to corroborate, validate, or evaluate information provided by Mr. Steele and/or sub-sources and/or contained in the ‘Trump Dossier.’”

Sources familiar with the subpoena say that neither the Justice Department nor the FBI has provided any documentation to the committee. Furthermore, in meetings with congressional staff, officials from both departments have stated they have been unable to verify any of the accusations within the dossier regarding collusion.

The only thing that appears to be remotely true is that Russia was attempting to interfere in the 2016 election. There is no evidence to suggest that President Trump or his team was in any way involved in that effort.

This revelation, from two departments who’ve been involved in the investigation from the beginning, strongly contradicts statements made by Democrats who seem to believe, wholeheartedly, that the dossiers allegations are true.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), regarding the dossier’s validity told reporters “A lot of it has turned out to be true.”

Yet the FBI and Justice Department’s inability to turn over documentation of the dossier’s validity, when they were asked almost three months ago by subpoena–and after more than a year of investigation to determine its credibility, strongly suggests there’s little — if anything — factual about the dossier.

Considering that the dossier’s creation was funded entirely by President Trump’s opponents in the 2016 election, chiefly Hillary Clinton’s campaign, it’s validity simply must be called into question.

The FBI and the DOJ have been unable to corroborate any notion of collusion made by the Trump dossier. Were the claims of collusion made up?

For now, the dossier appears to be nothing more than a collection of baseless allegations made by Democrats in an effort to cause the American people to question Mr. Trump’s integrity and ability to lead, in the hopes it would turn the election in favor of the Democrats.

Given the illegitimate Kremlin-derived sources used in the dossier to discredit Mr. Trump, it would appear the only evidence of collusion with Russia meant to influence the election rests with Hillary Clinton and her campaign.