BREAKING: FBI Makes Surprise Announcement

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately. However, America’s top law enforcement bridge has returned to its roots by helping to pursue a cold case.

Before the 25th anniversary of Tammy Zywicki’s disappearance, who went missing in 1992 and was found murdered nine days later, the FBI announced on their website that they will be using the latest advancements in technology to reinvestigate Zywicki’s murder.

This announcement came on the heels of another major press release, where the FBI offered a $50,000 reward for any information leading to the capture of Zywicki’s killer.

On one ordinary morning, Zywicki told her mother and father goodbye for the last time. The college senior drove her 1985 Pontiac T1000 from New Jersey to Grinnell College in Iowa. Along the way, Zywicki dropped her brother off at Northwestern University.

On August 23, 1992, police found Zywicki’s disabled car on Interstate 80 near the Illinois town of LaSalle. Zywicki was not in the car.

Nine days later, investigators near the city of Joplin, Missouri found Zywicki’s corpse wrapped in a blanket and secured with duct tape. The Spanish major died from multiple stab wounds.

The last time Zywicki was seen alive was sometime during the afternoon of August 23rd. A passing motorist saw Zywicki standing alone near her vehicle on I-80. So much speculation surrounds this particular detail. Though it may seem like a stretch to be alarmed about this sighting, the last time a person is seen alive is one of the most critical pieces of any investigation into a disappearance.

The case initially involved only the Illinois State Police. After partnering with the FBI, the two law enforcement agencies formed a task force specifically dedicated to unraveling the mystery. However, this task force was disbanded the very next year.

After over two decades of disappointment, the Zywicki family received news that the FBI still considered Tammy’s case open.

Illinois State Police Master Sgt. Matt Boerwinkle told the Chicago Tribune recently that: “There have been and continue to be several persons of interest.” While no arrests have been made, federal and state authorities continue to believe that their ongoing examination of over 200 pieces of evidence will lead to a solid suspect. We hope the same.


At this time, the only suspect in the case has been one since 1992. Apparently, a large truck driven by a man described as “35 to 40 years old” with “dark, bushy hair” passed by Zywicki’s stranded vehicle just prior to her disappearance.

The FBI continues trying to solve a 25 year old murder case. Should they return to solving crimes instead of engaging in political witch hunts?

Unfortunately, America’s history is awash with murderers and serial killers who used the country’s interstate systems to stalk, capture, and kill their victims. It is entirely possible that Zywicki met one of these monsters.

At this point, we all must pray that the FBI, the Illinois State Police, and other law enforcement agencies find the parties responsible for this hideous murder. The Zywicki family deserves to know what happened to their beautiful daughter, while the person or people responsible should face the public’s wrath in a court of law.