BREAKING: FBI Investigating Top Democrat, Media Stunned

The FBI is honing their sights on a top Democrat Representative. Unsealed court documents were made public Monday, revealing the name and information of the US Representative involved.

An investigation into Rep. Robert Brady (D-PA), is underway. Allegedly, the Representative unlawfully made a $90,000 payment to his former opponent in 2012, which led to his opponent backing out of the race, according to Fox News. The probe on the campaign is widening to determine if there were any further criminal actions taken.

The unsealed documents show that the FBI requested a search warrant from an email account that Rep. Brady regularly used. As a result of the probe, data was gleaned, saved, and organized for an investigation into criminal activity.

The warrant, which was issued on a probable request, stated that Rep. Brady violated contribution boundaries, produced false documents, and also worked around campaign finance rules, with the help of others.

According to Rep. Brady’s lawyer, James Eisenhower, the Congressman did nothing wrong and provided his email to the FBI for further investigation. However, the evidence against Rep. Brady contradicts his lawyer’s statement.

“The congressman has not been charged and we have not been informed that he’s even a target,” Eisenhower stated. Philadelphia Weekly reports that the email data came from the address “[email protected]

The warrant reads that the filings are based on “interviews with and analysis of reports and other information provided by other law enforcement personnel.” Evidence from his opponent at the time suggests that this could be a hard, uphill battle.

Rep. Brady’s opponent and a former aide both pled guilty to concealing the $90,000 payment. This payment agreement was that Rep. Brady’s political opposition would drop out of the race, but it was not described that way by Brady and company.

According to the unveiled warrant, Brady and his challenger, former Philadelphia Municipal Court judge Jimmie More, both came to the conclusion that the money “would be disguised” and that the description of the funds should include hiding some of the money under the guise of purchasing a political poll.

“The evidence shows that these concealed payments were made for the purpose of removing Brady’s primary opponent from the race and willfully undermining various provisions of the Federal Election Campaign Act in the process,” the official filing reads.

An investigation is proving that Rep. Bob Brady (D-PA), colluded to skew an election result. Could this be trouble for Rep. Bob Brady?

It appears that the agreement was that Rep. Brady’s campaign would pay off Jimmie Moore’s campaign and campaign manager as a way to make it a no-lose situation. Slate reports that Moore’s campaign manager admitted that the money was used on personal items for both herself and Moore.

If convicted of these crimes, Rep. Brady, who has been serving in Congress since 1998, could face charges of lying to a federal agent, illegal campaign contributions, and wire fraud, all of which are quite severe crimes.

The corruption in Washington is deep — there is no doubt about that. However, there are more people getting exposed on a regular basis including Rep. Brady. Considering that upwards of four people have pleaded guilty to charges, including Moore, Rep. Brady is going to have a hard time proving he was not involved or complicit in these crimes.