ALERT: FBI Investigation Uncovers Sick Huma Abedin Crime – PROSECUTE HER.

It is common to hear the Democrats claiming that President Trump is a “traitor” and a “criminal,” despite there being no proof to such allegations. In contrast, however, there’s evidence to suggest that prominent Democrats could be in trouble instead.

It has been discovered by Judicial Watch that former aide to Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, was giving major Clinton Foundation donors “special access” to the former Secretary of State. This was found out via email exchanges obtain by the watchdog group.

When you look at the new documents, it isn’t difficult to connect the dots. Essentially, it appears that Abedin would work closely with Douglas Band, a Clinton Foundation executive, to get things done for donors that paid the right price. The donation price range looks to be anywhere from $25,000 to $10 million dollars directly to the Clinton Foundation.

There are dozens of email exchanges that show requests from Band where he is asking Abedin to take care of something. Some cases involve getting into contact with Hillary, while others involve setting up simple interviews with government agencies. Some could allege that this is an intricate “pay to play” scheme, though there has yet to be any legal ruling.

One of the most notable meetings involves an exchange between Abedin and Band where they are talking about Crown Prince Salman of Bahrain. Prince Salman wanted to have a meeting with Clinton. When he tried to meet with her on traditional terms, she would decline the meeting every single time. Once Band was involved, the meeting was set up and good to go in under 48 hours.

Here is where the shock sets in. The Clinton Foundation website shows that before this Salman had started a program called the Crown Prince’s International Scholarship Program, which worked underneath the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI). Interestingly enough, the Crown Prince had donated $32 million to the CGI in just five years.

All of this is confirmed through the leaked emails and the Clinton Foundation website. It is hard to dispute a story when all of the facts and emails are neatly laid out in order, though we understand that the law is the ultimate decider here. After looking at the evidence presented, we need to ask ourselves why these people haven’t been prosecuted.

At the very least, they are doing a great disservice to our country. We should all pay more attention to the people who were in control before President Trump, and we should encourage our members of Congress to support Trump investigating some of the more shady actions of the Obama administration.

Of course, this all takes time to sort out. The question now is whether instances like this will be taken seriously or just ignored to avoid political blowback. With Trump as president, however, there’s hope that America will find out the truth about what really happened behind the scenes between Hillary Clinton, Huma Adebin, and the Clinton Foundation. This new evidence seems to strongly suggest only one answer, but there must be a formal investigation to unearth all the details.