ALERT: FBI Arrest Virginia Man For Treason, Then Find HORRIFYING Item He Was Hiding In His Closet

Recently, a former State Department diplomatic security officer was arrested by the FBI on charges of espionage for the Chinese government. Kevin Patrick Mallory of Leesburg, Virginia, had also worked with defense contractors.

The FBI claims that Mr. Mallory provided Chinese intelligence with Top Secret documents and that they found incriminating messages on a device that revealed information he transmitted to the Chinese. They also found various costume items in a closet that may have been used to disguise his appearance.  (via ABC News)

While serving with the State Department between 1987 and 1990, Mr. Mallory obtained a top-secret security clearance. After his stint in the State Department, he filled several different governmental positions. He also worked with military defense contractors. When he left government service in 2012, his security clearance was terminated. Earlier this year, he is alleged to have been working with Chinese intelligence to transmit classified information.

According to court documents, Mr. Mallory spoke with a Chinese operative when he traveled to China in March and April. He believed the operative worked at a Chinese think tank. Mr. Mallory has stated that he thought the think tank was a “cutout” for Chinese intelligence. The FFBI complaint states that Mr. Mallory was found with $16,500 in undeclared cash when he was stopped but Customs and Border Protection. Law enforcement also discovered that Mr. Mallory was paid $25,000 from people he believed were Chinese intelligence operatives.

The authorities raided Mr. Mallory’s home early in the month of June. They searched for electronics and other evidence indicating that he was working with Chinese intelligence. They discovered that he had dug a large hole on his property. The neighbors believed the hole was used to fix a pipe, but the true purpose of the hole is still unclear.

In April, Mr. Mallory agreed to an interview with the FBI, where federal authorities believe that the former State Department official gave them misleading information during the interview. Dana J. Boehnte, acting assistant attorney general for national security and the United States attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia released a statement:

“The conduct alleged in this complaint is serious, and these charges should send a message to anyone who would consider violating the public’s trust and compromising our national security by disclosing classified information.”

If convicted of treason, Mr. Mallory could face harsh justice. He could serve the rest of his life in prison. In a worst-case scenario, he could even be executed.

With all of the hubbub over the Trump-Russia “collusion” narrative — an unproven narrative, at that — it is easy to forget that there are entities for more suspicious than Russia who would like nothing more than to obtain classified information about the United States.

After months of constant leaks by an embedded Deep State made up of longtime federal bureaucrats, this is the perfect time for President Trump to continue cleaning house in the intelligence agencies. It cannot stop with the firing of now-former FBI Director James Comey. His laudable goal to “drain the swamp” should include discovering all of the traitors in our government working against us with a foreign power.