Fast Food Worker Gets Awful News After Refusing to Serve Cops

Anti-cop rhetoric is often pushed by some mainstream media outlets as gospel. One employee from fast food restaurant Whataburger discovered firsthand what happens when you buy into the rhetoric.

According to Fox News, an employee refused to take the order of two cops who came in to get something to eat. A spokesperson for Whataburger confirmed that “an individual employee acted out of line with Whataburger’s values to treat all customers with respect. We took swift action, and this person is no longer employed by us.” The termination was a direct result of refusing to wait on law enforcement.

Denison Sgt. Holly Jenkins posted a Facebook response to the incident. She stated that the employee was rude and unapologetic as she spewed hatred towards the cops.

During her rant to the officers, she told them that she would not be serving them in the future either. This behavior caused an uproar from both the restaurant and the police department.

Jenkins continued, “I am saddened, disappointed and angry about the treatment these two officers received this morning,” She concluded, however, when Whataburger or their staff call, we will respond. We will not hesitate. We will respond with courage, compassion, and professionalism.”

The message is clear, despite one person who used to work there who disliked cops, the police will still be there for the store if the police are needed. This is what some people would say respect looks like.

An official response was put up on the Denison Police Department’s Facebook page as well. Chief Jay Burch wrote the post, and he responded with a mixture of compassion and irritation.

Burch confirmed in the post that, while the police were being yelled at by the employee, that manager turned and looked at them before saying, “I don’t get into politics.” This was not the appropriate response, and should have been handled better by management.

During the Facebook post, Burch never once said the name of the establishment, but that didn’t stop local outlets from figuring out where the incident occurred.

Fast food worker fired for insulting and refusing to serve cops. Good.

The post on Facebook from Burch mentions that he understands where the hostility comes from, “especially with the anti-police rhetoric from the national media and police-hate groups we see in the country, that many people buy into that rhetoric and dislike police.” In fact, he goes on to admit that they are used to people treating them like that.

After the employee was fired, she said that the “cops beat up my boyfriend and are racists.” The event in question allegedly occurred when Denison officers arrested her boyfriend a few weeks prior.

The investigation into the tape by Burch revealed that no one was “beat up” and by all accounts, including the video, the incident involving the employee’s boyfriend was as routine as possible. After all of the dust has settled, Whataburger has stated that they plan to “speak with the other officers involved to apologize in person and make this right.”