Revealed: Fascists In 1930s vs 2017 Summed Up In One Cartoon

A common tactic of the Left is to shut down all dissenting opinions by painting conservatives as “fascists,” thereby associating right-wingers with the violent European political movement. But the facts present a different story.

When you consider the actions of conservatives and liberals in the US, it’s the extreme left who are the true successors to the label of “fascism”. An A.F. Branco cartoon, as featured by The Federalist Papers, brilliantly compares the modern Leftist Antifa — which uses political violence to suppress free speech — to Germany’s Nazis.

A recently discovered Antifa website titled It’s Going Down, details many acts of violence, vandalism, and mayhem perpetrated by its members around the world.

Some of the most criminal actions perpetrated by Antifa members associated with It’s Going Down include spray-painting “kill cops” on buildings; pouring concrete on train tracks, destroying animal slaughter units; and smashing windows.

Antifa is intensely anti-Capitalist, anti-Conservative, anti-Trump, and anti-police. It’s Going Down states that its members’ acts of vandalism are designed to “make [the middle class] feel a little less safe.”

At its core, Antifa is anarchistic. The vandals who make up the organization are united by little more than a desire to cause widespread social upheaval. Violence is the central means by which Antifa seeks to achieve its aims.

Antifa affiliates in Mexico are even more radical than their U.S. counterparts. Their long list of criminal activities south of the border includes blowing up police vehicles and detonating an explosive device inside an Exxon Mobile facility.

The anarchists carry out these unprovoked acts of violence without regard to innocent bystanders who have no relation to the causes Antifa is supposedly protesting. The administrators of It’s Going Down even instruct Antifa members on how to avoid being caught by police.

Surprisingly, It’s Going Down is allowed to have a funding campaign on the popular crowdfunding platform Patreon, according to The Federalist Papers. They currently make upwards of $1,000 per month, this despite the fact that Antifa has been categorized as a domestic terror organization by the State of New Jersey, as reported by Free West Media.

Antifa has grown immensely since Donald Trump’s election to the presidency. Their most publicized antics, reported by The Washington Times, took place in Washington, D.C., on Inauguration Day. Leftist protesters carrying crowbars, wooden sticks, and metal poles smashed the windows of businesses, vandalized cars, and even set a vehicle on fire.

The real fascists of Antifa continue to rewrite history by calling the Right “fascist.” Can we defeat the real fascists?

Antifa also has a strong presence at the University of California, Berkeley, where they have repeatedly shut down free speech by inciting violence at the events of Conservative guest speakers. This culminated in physical clashes between Antifa and Trump supporters in April, as covered by The Daily Caller.

The future of Antifa and its role in liberal politics is unclear. If they continue promoting violence, more states are likely to follow New Jersey’s lead in labeling them terrorists. The political Left will have to disavow its ties to Antifa–or risk alienating the American mainstream.