ALERT: Farrakhan Issues Horrifying Message To ‘Black People’

The racial tension in the United States is building and causing many people concern. Leading up to the Obama era, the talk of racism was pretty much gone. Now the subject of racism is back and commonplace, but not where one might think.

Now, in 2017, racism has been widely talked about by those on the Left. They have watered down the term by calling everyone racist when opposing their politics. An example of true racism can be found in the words of Minister Louis Farrakhan. He recently tweeted the following message: “Black people: We should be more convinced that it is time for us to separate and build a nation of our own.”

Many people find this message disturbing, disgusting, and above all else — unbelievably racist. The very fact that this statement is based on the color of one’s skin proves it to be racist.

If Farrakhan’s statement was scrutinized, and the word “black” replaced with “white,” the usual Leftist media and punditry would be decrying it as a statement of blatant racism and white supremacy. Yet, because it emanated from Louis Farrakhan, the media has gone mute.

After former President Obama came to office, he brought attention to incidents of white officers shooting black kids–without first examining the evidence–and used it as an example of how racism was alive in the United States, and at a systemic level. This spotlighting in conjunction with a few tragic, but isolated incidents, and a frenzy of riots throughout the nation took place.

Before former President Obama’s term, racism was not a widely discussed issue. It was thought to be found in isolated areas and practiced or idealized by radicals alienated from normal society.

But as soon as Obama started talking about racism again, so much attention was brought to the issue that far more things were suddenly considered racism. Just like that, racism emerged as a major societal issue.

The problem, however, is that the issue of racism was long fought. For decades following desegregation, Americans worked hard to bring everyone together, ensuring that the rights of minorities were protected, and their pursuit of opportunity could be exercised equally and freely.

America overcame separation and segregation, yet Farrakhan appears to be embracing that very division the nation already defeated.

This is evident in the 15th Amendment to the Constitution, which allowed black men to vote. Or the 19th Amendment, which allowed women to vote — including African-American women. Or affirmative action efforts and equal employment opportunity laws.

Farrakhan doesn’t seem to remember that all Americans are equal. Heroes like Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. fought so that everyone living in the United States is seen and accepted as equal in rights and opportunity. By ignoring all of this and calling for a black-only nation, Farrakhan is disregarding their work and instead embracing dangerous ideas of racism and division. Only a racist mind would dream of a nation filled with only one race.

Only a racist mind would dream of a nation filled with only one race.

Louis Farrakhan has long preached Black supremacy. Do you consider these comments harmful to race relations?

This is what the Left has seemingly become. They are so caught up in their own ideologically-based pseudo-reality that they believe everyone is out to get them–to oppress them and wage hate upon them. By their own actions, they appear to think everyone who disagrees with them and does not embrace their ideals is a bigot and a racist.

Americans, regardless of race, creed, or sex, must come together and stand firm as a nation. Public figures like Farrakhan who espouse this dangerous rhetoric should accept that this is the United States of America, where everyone is equal and free, and uniting as one great nation makes life better for all Americans.