BOOM: Furious Fan Sends Devastating Letter To America-Hating Steelers Coach

NFL fans are slowly but steadily getting fed up with the league’s antics, and those of its players. One NFL fan has a message for one anti-American coach that echoes the sentiments of many.

An anonymous NFL fan wrote a scathing blog post about how ridiculous it was that Mike Tomlin wanted all the players to desecrate the national anthem. “You’ve taken something that unites Americans of every color, creed and religion and managed to divide them,” the fan wrote, according to his personal blog post.

The post was written by an anonymous blogger who goes by the name of “Lovely.” Addressed to Tomlin, the Pittsburgh Steelers head coach who recently criticized Alejandro Villanueva when he stood alone during the national anthem, this angry NFL fan let the league know what many ordinary fans just like him are feeling.

“On Sunday your team had 3 options, stand and support America, sit/kneel and disrespect America, or 3 take the coward’s way out and abstain, vote present, hide in the tunnel because you were too afraid to be seen as pro-American or Anti-American. What a vile low candy-a** choice you made,” he wrote. “You can all go to h***.”

“Your decision to criticize Alejandro Villanueva a war veteran, a man who fought for your freedom, a man who saved lives, a man who was willing to lay his life down for you… is beyond words,” the anonymous writer added.

Lovely then proceeded to make a different point, suggesting that those with “a working knowledge of contract law” can see that the NFL players who disrespected the flag could be fined in accordance with the contracts they signed. He described that behavior as “conduct detrimental to the integrity of and public confidence in the National Football League.”

It’s a line of thought that was echoed by President Trump many days ago when he suggested the NFL should fire those athletes who disrespect our anthem. Although strongly criticized by the Left and those in the NFL, it appears there is more than a modicum of validity to this idea.

Lovely called out a few individuals by name as well. “Mike Tomlin, James Harrison, Ben Roethlisberger and any Steeler who had the audacity to criticize or question Alejandro Villanueva standing for the National Anthem, choosing country over his team, you are what is wrong with America.”

“As a team, you boys get a ball from one side of a field to another side of the field and celebrate. As a man, Villanueva rescued wounded soldiers while under enemy fire and you cowardly clowns are hiding in a tunnel because you couldn’t decide whether or not to stand or sit for the American flag have the misguided intrepidity to criticize Villanueva’s dedication to America?” he continued.

NFL fan says football used to unite us and now it divides us.  Is the fun being squeezed out of the game?

Interestingly enough, Mike Tomlin hosted a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton back in 2016, according to one tweet. Ticket prices ended up reaching sums as high as $34,000 per person.

Lovely isn’t the first anonymous American to voice his frustrations. In one viral YouTube video, Robert L. Williams of Texas, a previously unknown individual, garnered attention when he famously burned his expensive collection of NFL gear in protest of the Pittsburgh Steelers when they all stayed in the tunnel, save for Villanueva.

As many longtime fans of the league will readily admit, these recent actions by the NFL have permanently stained the reputation of this once great sports institution.