BREAKING: Famous Reporter Drops Trump Bombshell, It’s Stunning

One of the top journalists in the nation is letting the world know that the President has been unfairly treated by the mainstream media, something that many on the Right have acknowledged for a while now.

Fox News anchorman Chris Wallace recently received the Founders Award for Excellence in Journalism. During his closing comments, he spoke on the state of the media and it’s relationship with the President. “If President Trump is trying to undermine the press for his own calculated reasons, when he talks about bias in the media — unfairness — I think he has a point,” he said, according to The Washington Times.

Awarded to him from the International Center for Journalism, a 33-year-old organization based in Washington, DC that helps promote better news media practices, Mr. Wallace spoke his mind in front of an audience of 600 people – including moderator and CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer.

“President Trump is engaged in the most direct, sustained assault on a free press in our history,” Mr. Wallace said. “Since early in the campaign, he has done everything he can to delegitimize the media, attacking us institutionally and individually. And I think his purpose is clear: a concerted campaign to raise doubts that when we report critically about his administration that we can be trusted.”

He added that the sensational, alarmist headlines that have become all too familiar in the mainstream press are “divorced from reality” while serving to further divide this country along partisan lines.

“I’m sure some of you hear those comments and think they’re spot on. But ask yourself honestly. Do they belong on the front page of the paper, or as the lead of the evening news? Here’s what I think is going on. I believe some of our colleagues — many of our colleagues — think this president has gone so far over the line bashing the media it has given them an excuse to cross the line themselves. To push back,” he continued.

“As tempting as that may be, I think it’s a big mistake. We are not players in the game. We are umpires — or observers — trying to be objective witnesses to what is going on,” the Fox News personality said. “That doesn’t mean we’re stenographers. If the President or anyone we’re covering says something untrue or does something questionable, we can and should report it,” Mr. Wallace told his audience.

“But we shouldn’t be drawn into becoming players on the field, trying to match the people we cover in invective. It’s not our role. We’re not as good at it as they are. And we’re giving up our special place in our democracy.” Mr. Wallace concluded by saying that the mainstream press didn’t need to interject their opinions, whether correct or otherwise, upon the cold hard facts that Americans deserve to know.

“Thanks for letting me get some things off my chest,” he finished.

The famous reporter’s statements echo sentiments the President previously made about how biased and one-sided the mainstream news was in reporting events. According to one Harvard study, the Trump administration receives 80 percent negative news coverage, most of it being from CNN and NBC News.

Reporter Chris Wallace thinks President Trump is right about media bias. Do you believe the media is unfairly biased against President Trump?

It’s a stark contrast with previous administrations. Barack Obama received only 41 percent negative coverage, while George W. Bush and Bill Clinton received 57 and 60 percent negative coverage, respectively.

Although it’s become common knowledge that the mainstream media is biased against the President, it’s good to know that there are still some top-reporters in the industry that are committed to honest journalism.