BREAKING: Famous Democrat Headed To Prison

There are some crimes out there that are completely unforgivable. One of the worst of these crimes includes talking inappropriately to minors, as one former US Representative discovered.

New York Democrat Anthony Weiner, 53, is likely facing jail time after prosecutors laid out their argument, according to AP News. Weiner agreed to a plea bargain which includes his agreement not to appeal a jail sentence between 21 and 27 months. Prosecutors are urging that he is sentenced to the max in the terms of his plea bargain, a 27-month term. 

Sentencing is set to come out Monday for Weiner, who was caught sending obscene material to a minor. The government is trying to slow down the process and get him a lighter sentence.

Their argument is that Weiner has had a “therapeutic awakening,” and realizes that what he did was wrong. The prosecutors fired back by explaining that this is not just a “sexting” case.

Prosecutors noted, “The defendant did far more than exchange typed words on a lifeless cellphone screen with a faceless stranger…Transmitting obscenity to a minor to induce her to engage in sexually explicit conduct by video chat and photo — is far from mere ‘sexting.’ Weiner’s criminal conduct was very serious, and the sentence imposed should reflect that seriousness.”

Weiner tried to make himself sound “fixed” by explaining that he was undergoing treatment for his “deep sickness” after sending some very obscene material to a North Carolina high school student. He went on to explain that he was very sorry for doing what he did, but sorry does not always cut it.

Prosecutors dismantled his argument by stating that Weiner knew perfectly well that what he was doing was criminal.  They cited a bill that was co-sponsored by Weiner in 2007 that required all sex offenders to list their email addresses and instant messaging names with the National Sex Offender Registry.

“While the government does not contend that Weiner engaged in inappropriate sexual exchanges with other minors or that he is a pedophile, his professed ambivalence toward the minor victim’s age is belied by the defendant’s own statements to the court-appointed evaluator during his evaluation,” they argued.

Weiner has said in the past that he has an interest in legal, adult, teen-themed pornography, according to the prosecution. This is a clear sign that he has gone out of his way to look for specific girls who appear to be underage, while “sexting” with a girl who actually is underage. The connection is clear.

The prosecution went on to argue that the judge should take Weiner’s prior scandals of sexting into account. While they were not exactly criminal in nature, they do display a disturbing pattern that is ingrained in him.

They went on to explain that while Weiner’s behavior might be destructive to himself, his behavior was also destructive to a 15-year-old teenager who didn’t know any better.

One of their most damning statements included: “Weiner’s demonstrated history of professed, yet failed, reform make it difficult to rely on his present claim of self-awareness and transformation.”

It is clear that Anthony Weiner committed a horrific crime and needs to be punished. The outcome of this case won’t be revealed until Monday.