WATCH: Famous Democrat Caught Throwing Nazi Salute

At this point, everyone has heard the arguments coming from the Left that President Trump is “literally Hitler.” They have also made it their personal hobby to attack the president, or his family, if they do something that the media deems unagreeable.

When Stephen Colbert started “The Late Show” after leaving his post on Comedy Central staple “The Colbert Report,” there was an obvious attempt on his part to mock conservatives for the sake of humor. While there is nothing inherently wrong about poking fun in the political world, what Colbert did on his show shocked thousands. He threw up a Nazi salute.

This past Thursday, Colbert returned from vacation, and as usual, he started attacking President Trump. His effort to attack the president was too much this time.

He laughed and thrust his arm out in the standard Nazi salute while referencing a “60 Minutes” interview between Charlie Rose and former White House strategist, Steve Bannon.

Besides being wildly insensitive to Jewish people who faced oppression from real Nazis, Colbert’s humor left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. In most cases, “comedy” is funny because it is based on reality.

By now, most people are tired of the narrative that President Trump is Hitler. It is also quite ironic that they are able to call the president “Hitler,” and many other horrible names, and yet they are still alive and free to have their opinion. Trump is nothing like Hitler, and these people are just looking for a horrible way to portray him.

The interview that Colbert was referencing featured Bannon explaining his defense of President Trump after the president condemned both the white supremacists, and Antifa after the Charlottesville attack.

Bannon explained to Rose, “I was the only guy that said, ‘He’s talking about something that’s … taking it up to a higher level.’” In other words, when no one else was willing to talk about the violence coming from the Left, President Trump stood up to them.

Colbert was attempting to mock that particular quote from Bannon. As he was throwing around the Nazi salute, he said, “Yeah, he’s definitely taking it to a higher level, I’d say his support is about up there — right around here,” then he moved the salute to the other side, “Or over here. Somewhere up there.”

As you can probably imagine, in Colbert’s eyes, since Trump condemned both sides, that must mean he is a white supremacist sympathizer. Instead of acknowledging that both groups are awful, this is the angle that Colbert is taking.

Since free speech is such an important part of his job, you would think that Colbert would take this a little more seriously. When he comes out and says stuff like this, and throws up the Nazi salute, he’s forgetting just how lucky he is to be living in the United States.

If he had lived in Germany during the rise of Hitler and tried to mock him in a similar fashion something tells us he wouldn’t be around long enough to do it a second time. Again, the Left is blowing everything out of proportion, and they can’t figure out why they are systematically holding back the rest of the country.