BREAKING: Famous Conservative Exposes George Soros’ Terror Ties

George Soros has had his hands in numerous Leftist operations for quite some time. From funding protest movements to Democrat politicians, his influence over American politics is significant. However, his latest connection has just been exposed.

Dinesh D’Souza, author and well known conservative figure, released a tweet today calling for an investigation into Soros as “a sponsor of domestic terrorism” due to his connection with the movement, Antifa (anti-Facists). Antifa has already been declared a terrorist organization by New Jersey.

In a piece for The Daily Caller, D’Souza shed light on the terroristic activities of Antifa, and spelled out Soros’ connection. “Soros is the main funder of some 200 leftist groups, including Planned Parenthood,, and Black Lives Matter.”

Furthermore, he noted, “Soros also backs self-proclaimed antifascist groups—this year the Soros-backed group Alliance for Global Justice gave $50,000 to militants associated with the group Refuse Fascism.”

Refuse Fascism was the group responsible for the Berkeley riots protesting right-wing provocateur, Milo Yiannopolous.  The group admitted that acts of vandalism and arson were not considered violence, and were instead hailed by the group as “righteous.”

On June 12, New Jersey’s Department of Homeland Security released a report declaring Antifa a terrorist organization, citing numerous instances of inciting and carrying out violence. “In the past year, Antifa groups have become active across the United States, employing a variety of methods to disrupt demonstrations,” the report said.

“Soros doesn’t merely fund activism; he also funds disruptive violence,” D’Souza noted. “Essentially his costumed baton-wielding squadrons amount to a private army: he has created a militia of paid thugs similar to the Italian Blackshirts and the Nazi Brownshirts.”

D’Souza’s words ring true, as evidence has recently surfaced on Craigslist and other public “job announcements” in which protesters and photographers are recruited and promised handsome wages and compensation for their hired involvement. “In the 1960s we had protesters on the Left, even violent ones, but they weren’t being rented out by the hour. Soros’ groups, by contrast, advertise for disrupters and looters,” D’Souza explained.

More recently, a petition on surfaced, stating “AntiFa has earned this title [of terrorist organization] due to its violent actions in multiple cities and their influence in the killings of multiple police officers throughout the United States.” The petition amassed over 292,000 signatures during August 17-24, surpassing the 100,000 needed to secure a response from the White House.

While Soros’ support of Antifa is disgusting to the average American, it is consistent with the choices and actions he made as a child. D’Souza referenced a 1998 CBS Sixty Minutes interview in which Soros admittedly collaborated with Nazis “for the purpose of serving confiscation notices to Jews to steal their property and possessions.”

When asked in 1998 about his duties for the Nazis as a child, Soros admitted: “I had no sense of guilt.” Clearly, Soros still has no sense of guilt, as he supports Antifa’s terroristic activities on American soil.

If more states–or even the Federal government–follow New Jersey’s action and also declares Antifa a terrorist organization, the movement may have a chance at being stopped. Regardless of the declaration, the plethora of video evidence showcasing their widespread violence and criminal activities should be enough for all Americans to denounce the movement–and enough to put a stop to Soros.