BREAKING: Experts Issue Horrifying Terror Alert, Warn Your Friends

The threat of terrorism has been a significant source of concern for western nations since 9/11. While most Americans understand the threat of “lone wolf” terrorist attacks in which an individual carries out an act of violence, it’s not clear what other methods extremist groups can deploy.

The New York Post reported that terrorist groups may begin using other strategies to cause harm to ordinary people. Experts have stated that these groups could kill millions by remotely hacking their cars.

According to these experts, any vehicle that was manufactured after 2005 could be controlled by hackers. The possibility that a terrorist could hack into cars had caused the United Kingdom to consider passing legislation to address the issue.

Justin Cappos, a computer scientist at New York University told The Post that cyber attacks could pose an enormous threat to the west. “Many of our enemies are nuclear powers but any nation with the ability to launch a cyber strike could kill millions of civilians by hacking cars.

“He said. “It’s daunting.”

He also stated that these individuals could “send messages to the brakes and shut off the power steering and lock people in the car.” Cappos also issued a dire warning, stating that terrorist hackers could already be causing car accidents that are going unnoticed by the authorities.

Most law enforcement agencies are not aware that hacking a car is possible.

Carsten Maple, a professor of cyber engineering at the University of Warwick told The Post that since vehicles have already been used as weapons in terrorist attacks, the west needs to make sure that manufacturers are engineering computer systems in a way that makes them less vulnerable to infiltration.

It might be tempting to assume that the recent losses suffered by the Islamic State (ISIS) in Iraq and Syria are an indicator that the threat of terrorism is subsiding. Unfortunately, this isn’t true. When ISIS managed to capture large swaths of territory in the Middle East, they knew it was possible that they would not be able to hold onto it. Therefore, they created a “Plan B.”

Their backup plan can be seen in several European nations. Their strategy involves infiltrating western nations, setting up terrorist cells, and carrying out vicious attacks on the citizenry. In 2017, ISIS operatives have launched numerous attacks in the United Kingdom, Belgium, France, and Germany.

ISIS terrorists are constantly creating ways to extend their influence of fear. Do you believe that ISIS has the capability to hack into sensitive computer systems?

The European Union’s lax immigration policies have allowed terrorists to gain entry into these nations and blend into predominantly Muslim communities. The European leadership’s misguided fixation on the notion of multiculturalism has put the lives of their citizens in jeopardy.

If the experts are right, it will only be a matter of time before terrorists are able to use vehicles as a way to attack unsuspecting Americans. While it is important to make sure that extremists are not able to gain entry into our country, it is equally imperative to implement safeguards to prevent these individuals from launching cyber attacks that could threaten American citizens’ lives.