BREAKING: Evidence Uncovered in Comey Cover-Up, Trail Leads Straight to Obama

Former FBI Director James Comey has dug himself quite a hole with his decision to exonerate Hillary Clinton, and it turns out former President Obama may have had a role in that decision.

In May, 2016, Obama characterized Hillary Clinton’s use a of private email server as “carelessness,” but argued that she didn’t intend to endanger national security. Needless to say, the importance of the scandal was overstated. This is exactly what former Director Comey decided, according to the National Review, suggesting Comey may have taken orders from former President Obama about the email scandal.

In former Director Comey’s July 2016 statement, pertaining to the email investigation, he said Clinton’s behavior was “careless.” He even implied that there were only a “small” amount of emails that were identified as classified.

It doesn’t seem possible that former President Obama could reach the exact same three-part conclusion the FBI Director reached without some sort of collusion between the two. This messaging between Comey and Obama sounds like an attempt to present a unified front, and to reinforce the same message — until the American people believed it.

We already know Comey was not making his decision based on the facts of the FBI investigation, and that’s because he had drafted a letter expressing that he decided not to prosecute Hillary Clinton in April or May of 2016, as reported by Townhall. So, was he making his decision based on orders from Obama?

Those three points have been repeated ad nauseum in the media, too: carelessness, lack of intention, and “overstatement” of importance. We all know that lack of intention has no bearing on whether a crime was committed, particularly when it comes to national security issues. So why would Obama and Comey both mention this fact?

It is possible that Comey and Obama were overstepping the Justice Department’s duty of deciding whether or not Clinton would be prosecuted, because Attorney General Loretta Lynch was not yet on-board with their decision to not prosecute Clinton.

After all, the famous tarmac meeting between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton, which they still insist was innocent, occurred on June 22, 2016, according to Fox News. This was months after Obama made his simply psychic statement on the scandal, and after James Comey had already drafted his letter.

Now it seems plausible that President Obama decided Hillary Clinton should not be prosecuted. Imagine he then told Loretta Lynch and James Comey his decision. Comey clearly obliged, but was Lynch was reluctant? Perhaps she was reluctant because it is ultimately her responsibility to decide to prosecute. In the end, the heat is on her.

So, Bill Clinton stepped in. It was him, after all, who held back his plane to meet Lynch. It is also Lynch who has to deal with the fallout of how unprofessional and disturbing such a meeting would look. In the end, Lynch agreed with Comey.

Whatever happened on Lynch’s side of the scandal, it remains clear that Obama and Comey were on exactly the same page when it came to Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.