WATCH: ESPN Reporter Admits Sick ESPN Secret, It’s Horrifying

The world of sports and politics have managed to blend together in a way that is leaving a bad taste in the mouths of many football fans around the country. However, this situation runs much deeper than just one sport.

Former ESPN employee Britt McHenry went on Fox News to speak about the current political climate in sports and on TV. She ended up admitting something about the sports giant, ESPN — they are extraordinarily left-leaning. The Fox host, Stuart Varney, asked her, “Who told you not to like conservative tweets…was it ESPN management?” McHenry confirmed, “Yes. Yes.”

This conversation was sparked when ESPN started making bold statements about the NFL players who are choosing to kneel during the national anthem. Many people have felt that it isn’t ESPN’s place to speak on that subject while on the clock.

They are, for all purposes, a sports entertainment network — not a news network. When they interject politics into something that shouldn’t be political, the line starts to blend and becomes difficult to separate again.

McHenry admitted that there were people on the channel who were timid about expressing their political beliefs. The climate on the floor of ESPN seems to be toxic and highly biased towards Democrats.

When it gets to the point that employees have to worry about liking tweets, not based on inappropriate content, but rather based on politics — that’s a problem. Everyone does have the right to free speech, but when you are off the clock, you should not fear your job because you like a post supporting the president or conservative views.

According to Breitbart, Jim Brady, ESPN’s ombudsman wrote a long article trying to defend the idea that there is no left-wing bias at the network. Instead of defending the idea, he made matters worse.

Brady basically said that the network is not doing enough to ensure that conservative viewers feel welcomed when watching ESPN. It is interesting to note that politics shouldn’t even need to be a topic in this discussion.

If they were doing nothing but talking about sports, wouldn’t political affiliation be meaningless? One would think so, but this paints a picture that they are somehow trying to please both groups.

Brady admitted, “If ESPN continues to let its personalities debate the issues of the day but finds a way to better balance those conversations, it will be richer for it. In more ways than one.” The only “issues of the day” they should be talking about include running yards, hockey goals, and batting averages.

ESPN told Britt McHenry not to like conservative leaning tweets. Do you think ESPN is biased?

The fact that this discussion ever occurred proves McHenry’s point that there is bias at ESPN. If they were truly unbiased, it wouldn’t be hard to keep conservatives employed at their network either, but that also seems to be a problem.

ESPN has fired people like Curt Schilling and Mike Ditka for expressing their political beliefs while coddling people like Jemele Hill who called President Trump a “white supremacist.” It seems obvious that the bias at ESPN is real, and McHenry has managed to expose them further.