BREAKING: ESPN Pundit Issues Shock Order To “White Men”

If the recent NFL national anthem protests have taught us anything, it is the fact that pro athletes are a protected, privileged class. For example, when one athlete steps out of line, the sports media blames all men.

According to The Daily Caller, in response to the scandal involving Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, ESPN host Michelle Beadle essentially told all white men to “shut up” and keep their opinions about black men and women to themselves. 

Beadle, who is white, said during a panel discussion involving two black male co-hosts:

“Not to stereotype, but I hear a lot from white men on these topics. You guys have a lot to say how black people should feel, about how women should feel. I gotta be honest with you guys. Shut up and listen for five minutes. Like, you will never know what I’ve been through, what he’s been through. Just listen. God forbid, you learn something.”

Of course, this is the same thing that the Left has been saying for decades now. Besides the fact that Beadle’s rant is adversarial in nature, it serves no purpose outside of agitating the protest situation.

Such demonization of non-minority men has become standard in the far-Left playbook. These tactics have blown up in their faces because they have led to the creation of not only the “Alt Right,” but also the election of Donald Trump, a nationalist politician who refuses to play the Left’s game of identity politics. If the Left believe that the country is in a hole right now, then surely, they were the ones who dug it.

Beadle’s words pull back the cover on the Left’s many demands for “racial dialogue.” What that really means is that conservatives will be lectured by hysterical grievance mongers.

It is also worth noting that Beadle’s comments essentially support the words of Newton, who told a female reporter, “It’s funny to hear a female talk about routes. It’s funny.”

At first, Newton was excoriated for his remarks. Then, after internet sleuths dug up old social media posts made by reporter Jourdan Rodrigue, she was forced to apologize for making what have been called “racist” remarks.

This is a perfect parable on how the Left eats its own. Feminists tear into a black athletes for ugly remarks, then progressives tear into the female reporter for being racist.

ESPN host Michelle Beadle essentially told all white men to “shut up” and keep their opinions about black men and women to themselves. Are White men entitled to express opinions?

Somehow, in Beadle’s mind, all of this can be blamed on the average male. Again, such demonization makes other dehumanization efforts easier, which, in turn, can justify violent actions.

The mainstream sports media is all-in with racial identity politics. It is one of the reasons why ESPN, the NFL, and other organizations are failing. But, like drowning victims, these organizations will continue to lash out in order to earn “credibility” with the most radical elements in the Democratic coalition.

At this point, turning off your television is the best form of protest. Stop supporting Beadle and stop supporting the far-Left sports media.