BREAKING: ESPN Gets Horrific News, They Deserve This

ESPN is reaping the consequences of politicizing their sports network and promoting unwanted liberal ideologies on viewers. The latest news is the result of their actions.

Reports have trickled through the pipeline for some time saying that there were going to be massive layoffs at ESPN. It has been discovered why these layoffs are occurring, and it is not looking good for the bloated sports network. The Daily Caller reports that ESPN lost around $1 billion — yes with a B — in the past six years. 

Before Colin Kaepernick and the NFL protests, and before President Trump, ESPN was successful at staying on the topic of sports. Now, all that has changed.

The network’s main focus is now pushing a Liberal agenda while wrapping it up in sports commentary package to appeal to those who may not be as politically active as others.

However, what they failed to realize is that this style of “broadcasting” would alienate the Conservative viewers who tuned in to hear about actual sports news, such as touchdowns, hockey goals, and batting averages. Instead of listening to the stats on their favorite players, sports fans are hearing comparisons between NFL team owners and a plantation mindset.

Consumers are now speaking with their wallets and their viewing time. ESPN has lost nearly 13 million subscribers during the same six years that they lost a billion dollars.

Now, the sports giant is forced to cut salaries. Estimates are coming in saying that between 60 and 100 employees will be let go following Thanksgiving — which means at any time now, it could happen.

The layoffs come as ESPN looks for ways to cut down the salaries they are handing out every year. These new layoffs will save the company around $80 million a year, which is an insignificant saving compared to their greater losses.

This is not the first time that ESPN laid people off over the past couple of years. One hundred employees were laid off in April of this year. Similarly, another 300 were laid off back in 2015. Even veteran sports analysts with extensive careers at the network were let go. Now ESPN will add another 100 to that list of laid-off employees — with no clear goal in sight.

One of the most notable employees on the network, SportsCenter host Jemele Hill, was recently suspended. She first called President Donald Trump a “white supremacist,” which surprisingly was not enough to get her in much trouble with the station.

The national anthem protests have crippled both the NFL and sports networks because of politics. Is the injection of politics into sports broadcasting driving fans away?

She proceeded to say that fans should boycott advertisers of the Dallas Cowboys because of their owner, Jerry Jones, opposed the NFL protests taking place across the nation. These statements finally resulted in her suspension, with the network claiming she violated their social media policy.

If ESPN wants to continue to reign as the best sports network on TV, they need to stop politicizing the network. Viewers do not tune to their station to hear about the nuances of protesting police brutality or other left-wing views. It is tough to say, but after losing a billion dollars and about 500 employees, the message should be loud and clear — stick to sports.