BREAKING: ESPN Caught in Major “Racism” Scandal

On the surface, ESPN seems to be a harmless sports network dedicated to covering various professional athletics events. In truth, a recent scandal reveals that ESPN is a social justice organization that is all about politics.

Last night, the network¬†decided to remove announcer Robert Lee from a University of Virginia football game because of the fear that his name would invoke memories of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. ESPN’s Lee just so happens to be an Asian American.

This decision received a lot of flack online for multiple reasons. On the one hand, terminating someone because their name is the same as someone long dead is ridiculous on the surface. Second, firing an Asian American reporter out of fears of white supremacy is nonsensical.

ESPN’s decision was made in an effort to avoid offending the people of Charlottesville, who over a week ago experienced the deadly “Unite the Right” rally and Antifa counter-protest (read: riot) that all started when the local community moved forward with a plan to remove a statue of Robert E. Lee from Emancipation Park.

Such extreme political correctness would only offend “idiots,” according to blogger Clay Travis, who broke the story.

Apparently, ESPN thinks that its fans are too stupid to know the difference between a long-dead Confederate general of English descent and a living reporter whose family comes from East Asia.

Pundits on Twitter took no time in eviscerating the company.

The Federalist¬†writer Sean Davis wrote: “I don’t have time to look into up, but I’m pretty sure Cpl. Skipperton J. Bayless was the first to hand out smallpox blankets for funsies.” (This tweet is in reference to controversial ESPN commentator Skip Bayless.)

Conservative pundit Erik Erickson cheered the decision by writing: “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. ESPN is so stupid I almost hope they bankrupt Disney just to show how stupid going PC can be.” Erickson’s tweet points out the fact that due in part to their glowing coverage of former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who protested the national anthem all throughout the 2016 season, ESPN has been dropping in the ratings at tremendous speed.

This free fall in popularity has, in turn, led to massive layoffs at the company. ESPN should serve as a lesson to all companies who seek to employ SJW politics. It simply does not pay to be on the far-Left (MSNBC excluded).

The tragically hilarious drama involving announcer Robert Lee also subtly highlights the fact that Asian Americans often disrupt SJW narratives. For instance, despite America being a land of “white privilege,” East and South Asians make on average more annual income than native-born whites.

Asian Americans are also routinely discriminated against during the college application process. For instance, Asian American students have to score exponentially higher on their SATs than blacks or Hispanics who are often accepted to big-name schools thanks to affirmative action. More so than white American students, many Asian American activists are using the Federal government and the judicial system to challenge this institutionalized discrimination.

Overall, this is a funny story that points toward a very serious problem within our culture.