WATCH: Eric Holder Issues Horrifying Anti-Trump Announcement

It seems that despite the Obama administration leaving office last January, many of them still think that they have the right to try and keep former President Barack Obama’s policies in place. The latest person to fall into this group is Obama’s former Attorney General Eric Holder.

Holder appeared on CNN to do an interview, and as you can imagine, the conversation quickly shifted to the current administration. Holder admitted on the air that he is part of the “resistance,” meaning, obviously, the Trump resistance. He told CNN,  “But yeah, it’s been a difficult thing to watch and it means that I think I have to be a part of the resistance and to try to save as much of the great work I think that we did as is possible and to try to ensure that we put in place leadership in 2018, in 2020, that will be supportive of the positive things that we did.”

In other words, Holder is not interested in doing anything new. It seems, from his statement, that he wants to keep everything as it is because to do others would ruin their “great work,” under Obama.

He went on to say that he was proud of everything that the Obama administration as a whole accomplished.  By being proud of the work, he is justifying his excuse for keeping it around.

Katie Pavlich noted on Fox & Friends that conservatives need to be concerned at Holder and his “resist” style mentality.

Aside from trying to stop President Donald Trump from getting anything done he also is in favor of laws that only promote the Democrats agenda.

For example, Holder is against voter ID laws. These laws are being implemented as a method to solve the biggest problem that the Left has talked about since the election — election fraud.

If the Left is so concerned about whether or not elections can be manipulated you would think that they would be clamoring for these voter ID laws to pass. Instead, they are labeled as “racist” laws. Somehow, it excludes African Americans who can’t afford IDs

Pavlich noted, “He’s not just going out and pumping his fist at these rallies. He’s actually working on things that are actually going to have an effect.”

Holder has made it clear that is not going to sit back and watch the Trump administration run the country as a former Attorney General should. Instead, he is going to try and throw a wrench in the gears at every opportunity he gets.

Do you agree that Eric Holder’s words were disrespectful?

The problem with this process is it is not only disrespectful to President Trump but it dampers our country as a whole. The entire country shouldn’t have to suffer because of this “resist” mentality that the Left has decided to take. Instead, that is precisely what is happening.

In the end, behavior like Holder’s is going to be responsible for getting President Trump reelected. He is showing a level of childishness from his side of the political spectrum, and a majority of hard-working American citizens don’t want to see that, they want a smooth running country with efficient, transparent representatives.