WATCH – Epic Musical Takedown of Trump-Hating Millennials Goes Viral

No one was prepared for the reaction of the Democrats when then-presidential candidate Donald Trump won the election last November. Now that the dust has settled, and the insanity exposed, some people are having a good laugh at the expense of the Liberals.

A video has gone viral that was created by Dana Kamide. The song is called “Crying, Whining & Rioting.” As the title implies, the song starts on the night that Hillary Clinton lost the election. Currently, the song has 1,522,224 views and is still being shared on social media. People can’t get enough of the whining, crying, and rioting Liberals, unless you mean face to face, everyone is tired of those interactions.

The video starts with the lyrics, “We’ve been uptight for awhile, even when you were on trial, then we didn’t see you last night, you had us millennials in a fright, so you sent Podesta to tell us ‘GO HOME.'”

Apparently, this is referencing the political tension the country experienced leading up the election. The “Trump is a bigot” leftists were claiming that Clinton was the savior of the country.

We recall the roaring suspicion over Benghazi, and her relationship with Russia, and dirty Uranium deals.

“Oh, you didn’t even wish us well, Why couldn’t you tell, That we’d be whining over you, Rioting over you,” the lyrics read. The joke here is that Clinton had the audacity to leave her fans outside with tears in their eyes.

Clinton couldn’t even come out and give a few encouraging words. She left her fans in the dust and blames them for losing the election.

Another line reads, “Setting fires & crying,” referencing the insane attacks the Left has committed since Clinton lost the election. They have set fires, destroyed property, stopped speakers, and much more — in under a year.

Despite the age of the song, which was made late in 2016, it still holds true to what we are seeing today, in September of 2017. Democrats are still whining, crying & rioting. We don’t expect to see it stop anytime soon.

“We thought we were over you, When the FBI proved your crimes were true, But we love you even more…” Even after the discovery that Hillary was involved in some of the most inappropriate behavior a government official has ever been busted for, her fans still support her.

Worse yet, the Left try to make excuses as to why Trump is just as bad or worse. Instead of accepting the responsibility that they picked a criminal candidate, they would rather pin the blame elsewhere.

The song closes with, “And I didn’t get what I wanted… Which was Hillary Clinton because she’s a woman, And you’re a sexist… and bigoted racist, homophobic Xenophobe… and no country builds walls and fences around it border… That’s just stupid!”

The closing is a mockery of the mindset of most Liberals. The “moderate” liberals have left the building, and now we are stuck with the radical Left. They don’t seem to be easing up anytime soon, but that won’t stop people from poking fun at their absurd behavior.