Emails Released By DOJ Prove Horrible Crime Comey Wants Hidden

The words exchanged in a meeting between former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former President Bill Clinton on a tarmac in Arizona in 2016 have remained a mystery to this day.

At the time, the FBI denied any existence of emails regarding the meeting that could shed light on what was discussed. Yet according to CNS News, now that former FBI Director James Comey is out, the Department of Justice released over 400 email exchanges it had with the FBI, proving they were lying.

The meeting between Lynch and Clinton occurred while the FBI was investigating Hillary Clinton’s use of an unauthorized and unsecured private email server, as reported by Fox News. Many have criticized the meeting as evidence of collusion to help Hillary Clinton avoid criminal charges. Lynch claimed the meeting was harmless and they mostly talked about grandchildren and golf.

A week after the meeting occurred, Comey shocked everyone when he said the investigation would not lead to a recommendation to prosecute Clinton, saying that while Clinton had been “extremely careless” in her actions, she was not guilty of any criminal activity.

Many cried foul, and organizations like the American Council for Law & Justice went to work trying to find the truth. Over 400 emails about the meeting were obtained as part of a lawsuit filed by the ACLJ in November against the DOJ after they refused to comply with a Freedom of Information Act request.

When the FOIA was initially sent to the DOJ and FBI regarding the emails, the DOJ never responded, and the FBI replied with a false statement, saying, “No records responsive to your request were located.”

Executive Director of the ACLJ, Jordan Sekulow, said the lawsuit was filed because of the strange reactions from the two departments. “This issue only stood out to us at the time that they made the declaration, now we know that declaration was wrong,” Sekulow said. “The Comey FBI lied to us.”

After receiving over 400 emails from the DOJ, the ACLJ wants to take legal action against the FBI. “This is in direct contravention to the law, and we are preparing further legal action to force the FBI to come clean and turn over all documents related to this matter to us in a timely manner,” a ACLJ statement read.

The emails reveal extensive work by the FBI and DOJ to skew the media coverage of the meeting between Lynch and Clinton. Although much of the content of the emails is considered public, with statements to various media outlets, many of the documents have been almost entirely redacted, hiding what they contain.

Emails released by FBI and DOJ show that there was much discussion about how to spin the infamous tarmac meeting between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton. Are they trying to cover something up?

The release also turned over only emails, despite the original FOIA request and subsequent lawsuit seeking anything regarding the meeting. “What are included in this release are only email exchanges. There hasn’t been any paperwork or any other documents,” Sekulow charged.

Comey’s strange handling of the Clinton investigation, the FBI lying about the existence of documents related to the tarmac meeting, and continued efforts to cover up any genuine information about what was discussed between Lynch and Bill Clinton have necessarily raised suspicion.

While the ACLJ’s effort to seek information on the meeting is appreciated, it needs to be followed up by a proper investigation from the White House, Congress, and the Department of Justice’s inspector general. If there is evidence of Obama’s administration working with the Clintons to sweep a major crime under the rug, Americans need to know about it.