Is Elon Musk Planning to Take Down Fauci? ‘Prosecute’ Call Spreading Like Wildfire

Elon Musk has caused quite a stir since taking over Twitter. Some of his most recent tweets, in the wake of the release of the “Twitter Files,” have gone next-level viral.

On Sunday, Musk stirred the pot significantly, taking shots at the outgoing director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauci, while incorporating a hilarious dig at the progressive pronoun crowd.

“My pronouns are Prosecute/Fauci,” Musk tweeted Sunday.

Fauci, who will appear Sunday in a special pre-recorded CNN interview, is expected to be one of the primary targets of House Republicans when they assume majority control of the lower chamber in January. House GOP lawmakers, and at least half of the country, want to know precisely what level of involvement Fauci had in the disastrous pandemic process and investigate exactly how COVID-19 came to be.

Musk’s post, one of his first major shots at Fauci on Twitter, was well-received by some top Republicans, including Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who joined in on the fun.

“I affirm your pronouns Elon,” Rep. Green tweeted in response.

It wasn’t clear exactly what prompted Musk’s shot at Fauci.


Still, some users suspect that the “Twitter Files” and the revelation that Fauci’s daughter worked at Twitter during the height of the pandemic when the social media company was engaged in aggressive censorship of anyone questioning the official government narrative regarding the COVID-19 virus.


“Let me guess, You found messages between Twitter execs and our govt. (Fauci and team) pushing for censorship of anyone that didn’t go along with their narrative on Covid?” the conservative commentator known as “Hodgetwins” tweeted.

Other high-profile Twitter users, like Robert F. Kennedy Jr., thanked Musk for speaking his mind on such matters instead of parroting what the Democrat-controlled machine expects Big Tech players to push to the general public.

“Kudos to @elonmusk for looking beyond the propaganda,” Kennedy Jr. tweeted.

Not surprisingly, radical leftists lost their ever-loving minds in the wake of Musk’s tweet, as it mocked Fauci, their hero, and their foolish insistence on announcing pronouns that aren’t necessary to any adequate speaker of the English language.

Alexander Vindman, the former White House staffer who played a key role in then-President Trump’s first impeachment trial in 2020, and happens to be one of the most radical, looney leftists on Twitter, went into full meltdown mode on Sunday.

[email protected] is dying. That’s okay. If anything it needs to be killed off soonest. @elonmusk cannot be allowed to promoted dangerous radical views… hate speech. Imagine Geobbles with a bigger platform and wider reach,” Vindman wrote as part of a series of tweets targeting Musk.

Leftists, who’ve enjoyed unbridled control of virtually all of Big Tech for many years now, simply can’t deal with losing one of their most potent propaganda arms. With Musk in charge, things are changing, fast.

And I’m here for it.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.