EERIE: Video Gets 6.5 Million Hits Showing How Antifa and ISIS Are The Same

Antifa has been in the news for their violent rioting, hate-filled rhetoric, and the tearing down of Confederate statues as their numbers and influence grow.

Some have been comparing Antifa’s tactics and mission to the radical terrorist group ISIS. A Facebook video has emerged with over 6 million views that compares Antifa’s destruction of a Confederate statue to ISIS wrecking a museum.

The video shows two videos simultaneously showing Antifa members destroying a Confederate statue in Durham, North Carolina, and ISIS members destroying a museum in Mosul, Iraq.

The Antifa protesters ripped down the Confederate soldier outside of the Durham County courthouse following the death of Heather Heyers in Charlottesville, according to The Daily Caller. The statue was pulled down with a rope around its neck and the protesters took turns spitting on and kicking the statue amidst cheering from the crowd.

One of the protesters, Loan Tran, told of his rage towards these statues: “When I see a Confederate statue in downtown Durham, or really anywhere, it fills me with a lot of rage and frustration.”

This anger toward Confederate statues has prompted city officials around the nation to remove their own statues and monuments to avoid risking a similar protest. It is a move that has prompted many on both sides of the political spectrum to question the effect this form of historical censorship will have on our nation’s knowledge of history.

According to The Washington Times, Harvard Law Professor and liberal icon Alan Dershowitz is worried Antifa’s actions, like in Durham, are bordering on Stalinistic behavior. “The idea of willy-nilly going through and doing what Stalin did – just erasing history and re-writing it to serve current purposes – does pose a danger, and it poses a danger of educational malpractice, of missing opportunities to educate people, and of going too far,” Dershowitz said.

The Facebook video shows an example of what going too far looks like. It uses a propaganda video created by ISIS in Mosul. According to The Guardian, the video shows ISIS militants tearing apart a museum in Mosul containing priceless artifacts thousands of years old.

Despite the immense historical value these artifacts represented, ISIS could not let them stand as they were inherently offensive to their beliefs. The statues, to ISIS, represented a historical culture of wickedness and evil and–in their minds–promoted those values to modern and future generations. “These statues and idols, these artifacts, if [Allah] has ordered its removal, they became worthless to us even if they are worth billions of dollars,” one ISIS artifact destroyer said.

This view is eerily similar to the statements made at a press conference by Takiyah Thompson, who was arrested for her involvement in tearing down the Durham statue. There she made the argument that the statues symbolized evil and promoted it for modern and future generations “The statue glorifies the conditions that oppressed people live in and it had to go,” Thompson said.

She also stated Antifa members wouldn’t stop until every offensive statue was removed one way or another. “The people did the right thing. The people will continue to keep making the right choices until every Confederate statue is gone, until white supremacy is gone. That statue is where it belongs. It needs to be in the garbage,” she declared.

The Marxist-based group Antifa has declared it will not stop until every statue and monument “offensive” to their ideology is destroyed or removed, mirroring the mindset of the Islamofascist group ISIS. Are Antifa and ISIS using the same tactics to alter history?

While there is a difference between the bloodthirsty ISIS terrorists we’re at war with and the violent Antifa protesters, their mutual hatred of what they consider offensive historical artifacts and desire to censor history through destructive means is eerily similar.

If these radical leftist protesters aren’t held accountable, and nothing’s done to stop their violent acts, they will run the risk, as professor Dershowitz puts it, “of going too far” one day. At that point we lose our history.