BREAKING: Duggar Husband Stuns Media, Spills The Beans About Child Abuse On Show

Progressives just revealed their staggering bias during a fight between reality TV families.

According to IJR, Derick Dillard, reality TV personality and husband of Jill (Duggar) Dillard, is receiving considerable scrutiny after criticizing the new TLC reality show, I Am Jazz. “What an oxymoron… a ‘reality’ show which follows a non-reality. ‘Transgender’ is a myth. Gender is not fluid; it’s ordained by God,” he wrote on Twitter.

I Am Jazz is the latest attempt by the mainstream media to normalize transgenderism. The show follows a 14-year-old transgender girl.

Not only is transgenderism a hot-button issue, but it is also a taboo topic that unfortunately has the potential to destroy the lives of those who truly suffer from gender dysphoria. Transgender people deserve our sympathy, and should not be made a spectacle of, especially not by a mainstream media desperate to undermine the values that unite us all.

Ironically, the Duggars’ are constantly under attack for the size of their family. Misguided progressive lash out at them for being “unable” to tend to their numerous children, all which appear perfectly well-adjusted. Liberals decry the Duggars’ for supporting a large family, claiming to be concerned about overpopulation and the environment. All the while, these same progressive are happy to show support for the abusive parents of a confused young boy.

Gender Dysphoria is the underlying cause of transgenderism. A recent study by, supported by progressive groups such as the the National Center for Transgender Equality, as well as the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, discovered that transgender people attempt suicide at a staggering rate of 41 percent, while the general population does so at 1.6 percent.

Transgenderism is thought by many to be a mental illness with a concerning rate of suicide, including Dr. Paul R. McHugh. Yet, somehow, the dark reality of the disease is being brushed over by progressives who equate the struggles of transgender individuals with the gay rights movement.

Now, leftist parents push their children to embrace transgenderism without realizing that they are pushing a death sentence on them. The same people who encourage their children to steer clear of a profession in policing or the military are pushing their children down the much deadlier path of potential confusion about their own body. Young Jazz was diagnosed as transgender when he was only 4 years old.

Transgenderism is distinct from most other forms of medical anomalies, due to the public fan fare around it and the treatment, which actually indulges the disorder. There are multiple forms of dysphoria that people suffer from, but gender dysphoria is the only illness that is treated by validating unproven treatments.

Other similar concerns include anorexia nervosa, where sufferers believe they are overweight when they are actually underweight; and body integrity identity disorder, where sufferers believe that one or more of their limbs do not belong to themselves. However, we don’t treat anorexia with low-calorie diet and we do not treat body integrity identity disorder with amputation.

Instead, therapists attempt to convince these people that their mental conceptions of themselves are wrong, and we offer them tactics to help them overcome and correct their misconception, so their body can be healthy and intact.

Gender dysphoria is the only supposed mental illness where giving into the dangerous delusion is considered a treatment. Unfortunately, the staggering suicide rates of transgender people remains stable even after transitioning. Derick Dillard is right, the parents on I am Jazz should be ashamed. Anyone who would allow their child to undergo this treatment, which is permanent, invasive, and ineffective, is committing child abuse.