WATCH: Drone Footage Catches Epic Trump Plan On Video

The controversy surrounding drones is understandable. One recently caught footage of one of President Trump’s plans in action.

Drones have captured footage indicating that President Trump’s border wall prototypes are near completion. The footage shows all eight prototypes. Knowing that these prototypes are close to being finished is good news for the voters who wanted President Trump to win because of his powerful stance on illegal immigration. The effects of mass immigration — especially from illegal immigrants — is devastating, and one need not look any further than Europe for proof.

The companies involved with building the border walls include Maryland’s ETLA North America Inc., Caddell Construction Co. Inc., Texas Sterling Construction Co. of Houston, and Arizona’s Fisher Sand & Gravel, according to The Daily Mail.

At this point, there are two prototypes by W.G. Yates & Sons Construction Company in Mississippi. The prototypes are currently still under construction. One is partially finished, and the other exists as just a base foundation.

The construction contracts (eight in total) specify which materials are to be used in in the construction of the wall. The contracts state that four of the walls need to be made of concrete, while the other four are to be made of materials other than concrete.

Some of the features on the wall prototypes include slats that make it easier for border patrol to see through to the other side. Customs & Border Patrol will have the ability to get a leg up on anyone trying to cross the border. This could potentially be a lifesaver.

Another prototype has a slanted wall on the US side and a straight wall on the Mexico side. The goal is to have that vantage point available to scout people trying to come into the country illegally.

The drones revealed that there is another prototype that has a fence sticking up from the Mexican side — making it almost impossible to scale. The designs are all unique and offer their own bevy of features.

The Daily Mail reports that the wall prototypes are expected to be ready by the end of the month. They are currently being built in the desert in California.

Recent drone footage shows early prototypes for the border wall President Trump promised. Are you ready for the wall to be built?

The wall that is going to be built ultimately needs to be both impenetrable and non-scaleable in order to be successful. These specifications came from Roy Villarreal, acting chief patrol agent of the San Diego border sector. “They can’t dig under it. They can’t cut through it,” he said.

Now that drones have revealed that the wall prototypes are well underway, we can speculate as to what the final products will look like. This could be the tool we need to stop illegal immigrants from entering the country, and our borders will finally be secured. It’s all thanks to President Donald Trump.