WATCH – Donald Trump Releases Epic Video to Warn America, Please Watch.

As the American public watched the Twin Towers fall on September 11, 2001, we all knew the world had changed. A country that hadn’t experienced an attack on its soil in sixty years was suddenly shoved into a war against an enemy that had previously been unknown.

We were now facing the threat of radical Islamic extremism. As we fast forward to the year 2017 — with extremist groups like ISIS on the decline — we can see that jihadists are still committed to the destruction of the Western world. While the Islamic State (ISIS) is all but defeated in Iraq, Lebanon, and Syria, they are adopting a new tactic: infiltrating Western nations whose immigration policies are lax enough to allow entry to those who would carry out violent attacks.

Europe has experienced a significant number of Islamic terrorist attacks since the beginning of this year. This is part of ISIS’ plan to continue their jihad against the West by carrying out coordinated attacks against European citizens. Earlier this year, Breitbart News reported that there has been an Islamic terrorist attack in Europe roughly every nine days.

The question is: how are radical extremists gaining entry into the west? The answer is simple: European nations like France, Belgium, England, Spain, and Germany adhere to the European Union’s mandate that they take in a certain number of refugees from the Middle East without implementing viable vetting procedures.

Europe’s faulty immigration policies are responsible for the recent influx of extremists. Their misguided fixation on multiculturalism has pushed them to accept any immigrants from the Middle East in the name of political correctness.

In January, President Donald Trump gave a speech in which he recited a poem entitled “The Snake.” The snake describes a tender woman who comes across a snake who is dying in the cold of winter. The reptile begs the woman to allow him to come into her home — and she obliges him.

After the woman feeds and houses the snake, she is rewarded with a vicious bite. As she lays, dying, she asks the snake why he bit her even though she showed him kindness. “Oh shut up silly woman,” the snake responds. “You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in.”

The president recited this poem while speaking of the threat of Islamic extremism in relation to the Syrian refugee crisis. Currently, there are hundreds of thousands of refugees who are fleeing the conflict in Syria.

Trump warns of lax immigration policies. Are we sufficiently vetting immigrants to the United States?

Many on the left have urged the government to mimic Europe’s policies of allowing entry to Syrian refugees. Others, who have seen the violence and carnage that Europe has experienced, are hesitant to allow a significant number of immigrants and refugees into the country without ensuring that we implement effective vetting procedures. This is one of the reasons why President Trump put the travel ban into place.

While most of the refugees are decent, well-meaning people who are trying to escape from their circumstances, there are also plenty of jihadists who are entering the west by blending in with these groups. While they have found a horrifying level of success in Europe, there is no indication that they have been able to infiltrate the United States — yet.

The United States should take in refugees from other nations when we can — but it is imperative that we ensure the safety of our citizens first. The left has characterized the notion of protecting our nation as racism and Islamophobia, but it is easy to see the flaws in their arguments when you look at the disturbing wave of radical Islamic terror attacks in Europe. If we are going to address the threat of terror attacks, we must be willing to exert more control over who we allow into the country.