Dog Recorded Casually Trotting Down Mexican Street with Most Gruesome Trophy

A video circulating on Twitter showed a dog running down the sidewalk in a small town in Mexico carrying a human head in its jaws.

An unnamed law enforcement official confirmed to The Associated Press that the head — along with other, unnamed, body parts had been left in an automatic teller machine booth in the small town of Monte Escobedo on Wednesday night.

The Jalisco New Generation and Sinaloa drug cartels have been fighting for control of the Mexican state of Zacatecas, where Monte Esonbedo is located, the AP said.

Mexican cartels have been known to leave body parts with notes attached in public areas of Mexico, hoping to intimidate anyone who might threaten them, including law enforcement. A note referring to a drug cartel was reportedly left along with the body parts at the ATM, but no details regarding the specifics of the note have been reported.

The dog, said to be a stray, was able to snag the head before authorities could stop it. They later captured the dog and recovered the head, thereby presumably depriving the stray of a gruesome meal.

In the video, the dog runs along the sidewalk with the head, “apparently intending to take it to a safe place to eat it,” the AP speculated.

The video was posted to Twitter with a Spanish caption that Google Translate interpreted to mean: “#StrongImages | They spread images in which a dog is seen carrying a human head, it is presumed that it occurred in #Zacatecas.”

A man, presumably the individual taking the cellphone video, says, “Lleva una cabeza humana este perro,” which translates to “This dog has a human head.”


That’s a sentence I hope Google Translate never had to decipher prior to this week.

Due to its graphic nature — let the viewer beware — we are not embedding the video in this commentary, but the stouthearted can view it here.

The ATM machine where the remains had been dumped was near a government building, according to local Mexican news sources cited by the Miami Herald.

Last month, CBS News reported that violence had been spiking for years in the area as the two cartels have battled for control of “lucrative drug smuggling routes to the United States.”

Over 340,000 people have been killed since the Mexican army began operations against the cartels, the report said, and the Department of Justice in 2018 called the Jalisco New Generation cartel, “one of the five most dangerous transnational criminal organizations in the world.”

When conservatives — or anyone with any common sense, really — call for the Biden administration to take action to protect the U.S. border with Mexico, we’re generally thinking of protecting our national sovereignty and the American people. And those are worthwhile goals.

But we should also remember the costs inflicted upon the people of other countries by our open border. The fact that drug cartels have so little difficulty importing their deadly products into the U.S. is a large part of what motivates this violence.

Make the drug trade less lucrative by making the border significantly harder to cross, and the motivation to control the smuggling routes will decrease as their value decreases. Obviously, we’ll never end smuggling completely, but we can do so much better then we are doing now — and for less than we’re spending now to maintain a relatively open border.

If President Joe Biden and the rest of the American left actually cared about the Mexican people as anything but a means to more power, they’d close the border to protect Americans and Mexicans.

They don’t, so expect the border to remain porous, at best. And expect tens of thousands more people in Mexico to die in bloody violence that the federal government refuses to work to stop.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.