BREAKING: UK Doctors Send Disgusting Message to Parents of Charlie Gard

The U.K. courts made an appalling statement to baby Charlie Gard’s parents during the most recent hearing to determine the little boy’s shot at survival.

Charlie Gard’s parents, Chris Gard and Connie Yates, did not hold back their indignation in the courtroom on Friday after Great Ormond Street Hospital’s attorney told the judge that the new brain scan of the baby was a “sad reading.”

Yates broke into sobs and Gard shot a disappointed glare at the attorney and mouthed the word “evil,” as the two left the courtroom.

Mr. Gard can hardly be blamed for his frustration, since the couple has fought tirelessly for the right to keep their baby alive and after the hospital treating him suggested they take him off life support. Their story even caught the attention of prominent leaders like Pope Francis and President Trump, who offered their support to the family.

Baby Charlie was born with a rare genetic condition called mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome, which makes him unable to move or breathe without assistance. But although the disease has a high mortality rate, some U.S. physicians believe it is treatable.

After several hearings, they finally won their plea to bring over a U.S. specialist to enter the U.K. to examine the child to get a second opinion about his survival rate. The physician sided with the parents, stating that he believed the child had an “11% to 56% chance of clinically meaningful improvement,” giving the Gards some much-needed hope. He also agreed that keeping him alive on a ventilator was not causing him pain.

Providing that the FDA would approve an experimental treatment for the baby, Dr. Michio Hirano suggested that Charlie could be moved to a U.S. hospital to begin the trial. But even after spending hours discussing the situation with Great Ormond Hospital specialists, it appears they are still not convinced, as they presented the new brain scans to demonstrate his deteriorating condition.

It’s become increasingly clear that the hospital is not willing to concede that they might be wrong, since they haven’t wavered from their original opinions regarding Charlie, saying, “It has been and remains the unanimous view of all those caring for Charlie at Great Ormond Street that withdrawal of ventilation and palliative care are all that the hospital can offer him consistent with his welfare.”

And don’t think the family hasn’t noticed. Chris Gard shouted, when leaving the hearing, that he “wasn’t [expletive] listening to this biased sh** anymore.”

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The hospital’s lawyer presented the readings before the parents even had a chance to view them, stating that “Almost all the medical evidence in this case makes for a sad reading.”

“We haven’t even read it,” Yates said through tears as she and her husband walked out.

The attorney presenting the readings apologized to the judge, saying “I’m very sorry. I didn’t mean to cause distress.”

The judge is required to make his final ruling by July 25.